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What the Earl Desires – First Kiss

Monday, January 11th, 2021

There was no mistaking his meaning. She felt wanton and wanted his fingers there, touching where she knew was slick with her wetness. Her mouth was drier than the deserts of the plains she’d spent time upon. Could he…he wouldn’t…would he? The challenge in his eyes told her he most assuredly would.

She held his gaze and lifted her brow in perfect imitation of him. “As you say, it is your kiss, Colin.”

The storm raged again and he growled low before jerking her head to his. His mouth slanted over hers similar in fury to the tempest which had showcased the night their lives intersected. He licked along her lips and when she moved, he tightened his hold then delved his tongue deep into her mouth.



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Black Queen – First Kiss

Sunday, January 10th, 2021

He had to get control of himself. Cam moved from her chin to her cheek, cupping it delicately. He ran his thumb over her full lips. “Your skin is so soft.” He leaned in close to her and inhaled deeply as his tongue flicked out to taste the skin behind her ear. “And you taste as good as you smell.”

“We shouldn’t…”

Cam’s lips found hers and cut off whatever she was about to say. Hellfire and damnation.

Cam moved his other hand up to cup her face as the kiss intensified even more.



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Code Name: Papa – First Kiss

Saturday, January 9th, 2021

“You want to shoot me, Iggy, go ahead. But I’m not stopping.”

He finished closing the distance between them, all the while hoping she wouldn’t actually shoot him. Her hand shook by the time he reached her, and he plucked the pistol from her grip. He tossed it on the bed to be lost among the photos.

She looked up at him, and he just couldn’t help himself. Cupping her face in his hands, fingers delving in her hair, he stroked his thumbs along her lower lip. Nose to nose, he closed his eyes and kissed her. Keeping it gentle, he dragged his tongue along the seam of her lips, asking for permission. When she opened beneath his touch, he sank into the heat of her mouth.

Iggy. His Iggy.







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Before the Dawn – First Kiss

Friday, January 8th, 2021

My story in this collection is, Before the Dawn.


His wolf fucking purred. Like it was a goddamn cat. Needing and craving her touch.

“Choice is yours, you want to yell at me some more, or would you rather have other things to do with your mouth?” she asked.

“I want to yell at you, make no mistake, but I can’t ignore what is right before me.” He kissed her, one hand gripping an ass cheek while the other clasped the back of her head, anchoring them together.

The Detective’s Lover – First Kiss

Thursday, January 7th, 2021

“Tell me, Detective. What have you been cleared to do? What’s the limit?” She wrapped her hands around his neck, pressing flush against him.

He gulped as her mouth moved closer.

Fallon’s fingers, covered by soft leather, teased the back of his neck. “Will you take me out?” She blinked once, slowly, her thick lashes falling and rising again. “Would you actually sleep with a Maddox?” Her lips were millimeters away from his, fanning his mouth with her warm breath.

Ian gave in with a low growl. He hauled her in close and covered her mouth with his.




Something Tangible – First Kiss

Wednesday, January 6th, 2021

She breathed a bit harder, staring at him. He was so close. Such a temptation. And now…right here…she could just reach out and…Her hand connected to his dark blue polo. The heat singed her palm, yet she couldn’t pull away. Brett stepped closer until their legs touched. Lord, her knees were weak. His masculine scent wove around her, breaking down the last vestiges of her protection. Nothing else mattered right now other than him. And her.

He cupped her face in his large hands and lowered his mouth until it barely touched hers. That feather-like contact itself was explosive. She shook as she parted her lips to welcome his seeking tongue.

She moaned as he began exploring her mouth. Sliding her tongue along his was akin to setting off fireworks within her. In a flash, the kiss changed. It flared to volcanic.

He dropped his hands to her hips, pulling her flush to him.





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Raw Exposure – First Kiss

Tuesday, January 5th, 2021

“My bag,” she commanded, her hand out between them, no forgiveness on her face.

Placing it in her hand, he leaned in and brushed his lips over hers before she could move away. “I like your fire, Affrica O’Shea. I don’t have any diseases. And I love how your lips feel under mine. We’ll have to do that again, just a bit longer and with much more exploration.”

Reeve walked away before he forgot he was at his brother’s business and took Ms. O’Shea up against the side of her vehicle. He was wound so tight it was amazing he didn’t burst out of his slacks.

He never looked back, knowing if he saw her again, he would forget who her brother was and do his damndest to get her in his bed.







Casanova in Training – First Kiss

Monday, January 4th, 2021

He slid his hands around to cup her ass, bringing her flush to his blatant erection. “You could have said no.”

“I get the feeling that isn’t a word you hear very often.”

It was true. His call sign wasn’t Casanova without good reason. “Not too much.”

Her fingers stroked along the back of his neck. He felt on fire, both inside and out. Each step took them closer to the edge of the dance floor. By the time the song ended, the two of them were in a darker hallway.

He lowered his head, giving her half a second to stop him. She didn’t. Her mouth met his. She played the aggressor, sliding her tongue in and around his. Lust blazed to life in him and he ground into her, making his desire very clear. She moaned, a sexy sound—it came from the back of her throat and moved through him like electricity.

His grip on her grew possessive as he took control of the kiss. She tasted like mint. Not peppermint or spearmint. Raw mint. Pure mint. It was addictive as hell and he couldn’t get enough. The feel of her against him, the taste of her—together they lessened the pain that had consumed him since the accident.





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Kismet – First Kiss

Sunday, January 3rd, 2021

“Pleasure.” He didn’t just speak, he purred, and she almost collapsed from the sexual promise that dripped off the single word.

With a strong gulp, she tried to appear unaffected. “Thought you said you didn’t have time for that.”

He kissed her. His lips landed upon hers, and his tongue swept through her mouth, searching, seeking, exploring. He tasted so potent, she was immediately hooked and wanted more. So much more. Her pussy pulsed, and her blood felt like it was burning. Her nipples were tight and crying out for his touch. Kaida believed her bones may have melted as a result of the heated kiss.

“I lied,” he rumbled against her lips when he pulled back.

Interwoven – First Kiss

Saturday, January 2nd, 2021

He stepped closer and she refused to move, just tilted her head back, maintaining eye contact. Her breath hitched as she leaned closer. Pure masculine scent wafted around her and she fought the simple urge to purr. Yes, purr. And rub all over him.

His head moved closer, slowly and she nearly held her breath. At the last moment, his lips brushed the corner of her mouth. “You can call me for other reasons, too.”

Visions of him in bed with her flashed. “I’ll keep that in mind.”

“Good.” Another swift pass of his lips against her skin.



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