You Save Me – Snippet

“I don’t sleep with guys just because they look good.” Well, not anymore. As if reading her mind, Heather merely arched a finely plucked brow. “What…fine since I’ve gotten back to the States I don’t do that anymore.”

Her lips twitched. “Had more fun in Japan though, I bet.”

“It was a one-time thing,” Delaney said with a slight snap. The memory was more painful that she cared to admit. And more than she cared to think about, especially on a night when she was supposed to be out having fun, not reliving sins of the past.

Heather was nonplussed by her bite of attitude, in fact, it was as if Delaney had meowed at her like a tiny cute fluffy kitchen who wanted its bottle of milk. Damn lawyers.

“Right, if you say so. Ever think there is a reason you’ve never done such a thing again? Perhaps because the man with that black hair, kickass body, and sapphire blue eyes meant something more to you? But, if you say it was a one-time thing, Delany, I’ll let it go. Doubt it, but hey what do I know? I mean, you kept a by-all-accounts gorgeous Marine pilot enamored with you without even trying. So, this is me letting it go, if you say that’s all it was, who am I to argue?” Heather tipped up her bottle and drank.

An attorney who does a damn good job arguing for a living. “I say so, Heather,” she said, rolling her eyes.

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