Dream Lover – Snippet

He pressed against her belly to get her to ease into him with the hand not holding the reins. The sensation of his wide chest at her back had her wanting to crawl up into him and just let him protect her. The moment she allowed his torso to hold her up he curved his arm about her waist and brushed a kiss along her jawline.

Laciee felt the day’s tension seep out of her as Judd whispered in her ear. He pointed out parts of the ranch while they rode across his vast holding. There were no days like this in New York City that allowed her such relaxation.

His chest rumbled behind her and she wondered if she hadn’t spoken aloud. She didn’t ask, just allowed herself to enjoy all he offered to share with her. After all, how much more perfect could a day get? A cowboy—a hotly handsome one at that—holding her tightly to him, his horse, and the scenery dreams are made of.

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