Winter Bliss – Snippet

Expecting Delaney to argue her point further, the tears weren’t anything she had thought she would be privy to. Delaney didn’t cry. It wasn’t common for her to do so. Sure, there had been that time when she and Garrick had been separated for a while and she’d been highly emotional.

Heather froze, fingers curving around the cold glass as she slowly lowered it to the table between them. Unease slithered in her body and would around her spine. “Why are you crying?”

Delaney sniffled and shook her head. “I’m just trying to do something fun but you don’t want to and I want to be able to go out and dance like you but I can’t do that either and Garrick called me fat and—”

Bitch. Nothing but a fucking ploy. “Oh my God, stop. Just stop. Fine. I’ll do your fucking list with you, just can the tears.”

Delaney stopped instantly, blinked and grinned.

In that second, Heather had indisputable proof that she’d been played by a pro. “You’re such a bitch.”

“But I’m your bitch.”

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