First Kiss – The Wedding Snafu

“Mindy,” he called out.

She took a picture for another couple but turned her head and glanced over her shoulder to meet his gaze. His gut tensed when she smiled at him. How does one woman do this to me? He closed the distance to her, and the second she handed the phone back to the woman, he pulled her into his arms and kissed her.

Slanted his mouth over hers and took what he’d wanted since he’d met her. Her taste flooded him, sweet, refreshing, and most definitely addicting. Stroking along her tongue, he gathered her close, needing her against him as tight as he could have her.

She didn’t even hesitate, just wound her arms around his neck and returned the exchange. A deep groan slid up from his throat. He shut his eyes and gave over to the raw emotions racing through him.

When he ended the kiss, he wanted nothing more than to get her somewhere alone where there wasn’t anything but the two of them. “Come with me,” he whispered as he stared into her eyes. The setting sun had cast its golden glow over the entire area, illuminating her skin.






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