First Kiss – Trust Me

Trust me

He wrapped an arm around her shoulder and dropped a kiss to her forehead. “He won’t get to you again, Pix. I promise you’re safe here.” She didn’t respond and he looked down at her, tipping her chin up. “You’re thinking loudly again. What?”

“Thinking that my being here put your family in danger and if anything happens to them because of me, I’ll never forgive myself.”

Adam didn’t have any words he knew would make her feel better so instead he kissed her. Dipped his head and covered her lips with his own.

Holy shit!

He’d forgotten what it was like to kiss her. Her soft lips parted beneath his pressure and she gripped his jacket when his tongue pushed inside her mouth to tangle with hers. Even after all this time, she still tasted the same and, as her flavor slid along his taste buds, even his cells reawakened with passion. Suddenly, this was so much more than just about keeping her safe. It was about keeping her in his life.



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