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Monday, June 20th, 2022

First Kiss – The Best Thing Yet

Monday, June 20th, 2022

The best thing yet

“Come in?” she questioned on a soft breath.

His gaze dropped and did a slow perusal of her own form before he stepped towards her. Arissa held her ground as he closed the distance between them, squeezing past the door. Without taking his eyes off her, Deiter pushed the door shut with his foot as he cupped the side of her face. A shudder overtook her as he placed his other hand on her skin before lowering his face to hers.

A moan slipped out as his lips covered hers. Arissa dropped her bag and latched onto his arms, digging her fingers into his skin. Deiter teased the outline of her mouth with his tongue. Gently he traced her lips prior to sliding along the seam, seeking entrance. She opened beneath his questing tongue.

Flames erupted deep within her belly as he delved into her mouth. Stroking, sliding and coaxing her tongue out to play, Deiter explored her. The taste of him, which was already embedded in her mind, flared to life as his leisurely search continued.