First Kiss – Something Tangible

Something tangible


She breathed a bit harder, staring at him. He was so close. Such a temptation. And now…right here…she could just reach out and…Her hand connected to his dark blue polo. The heat singed her palm, yet she couldn’t pull away. Brett stepped closer until their legs touched. Lord, her knees were weak. His masculine scent wove around her, breaking down the last vestiges of her protection. Nothing else mattered right now other than him. And her.

He cupped her face in his large hands and lowered his mouth until it barely touched hers. That feather-like contact itself was explosive. She shook as she parted her lips to welcome his seeking tongue.

She moaned as he began exploring her mouth. Sliding her tongue along his was akin to setting off fireworks within her. In a flash, the kiss changed. It flared to volcanic.

He dropped his hands to her hips, pulling her flush to him.





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