First Meet – Emerald Myst

“McSweeny why for all the green in Ireland, are you dragging a wet bedraggled woman into my bar and with a wee bit of luggage? I figured you’d forgotten about this country and were staying over there in America.”

Emmie’s knees buckled at that thick, deep Irish brogue that skirted along her skin akin to heated velvet dipped in a side of sexual promise.

“Now, now, Brannon. Is that anyway to greet your grandfather? I don’t believe so. Your father may have been an ass and a drunkard but we both know your ma would put a switch to you for acting like that. Plus, I wasn’t about to allow this lovely young lass to remain out there. It’s raining in case you didn’t notice. Bring her a towel.”

Her mind whirled with everything she’d just heard, trying to ingest and make sense of it all. A man strode into view. Nope, that wasn’t quite right. He wasn’t striding. He swaggered.

Oh my God.

Her reaction had to be given her exhaustion. Right? Because no way she was looking and drooling over a man she’d just seen move into her line of sight.

Short dark hair cut around his face and settled against his neck, reminded her of razor sharp points. Lining his squared jaw sat about two days’ worth of growth and holy hell it gave him a look that tempted her to just hand over her panties. I mean really, why make him ask for them when I’m perfectly happy to hand them to him.

He wasn’t even close enough for her to smell and yet she had already created this wild, outdoorsy scent for him. His gaze was a clear bright blue that sliced over her skin as he took in her appearance.

Raggedy for sure. An over the ocean flight and standing outside in the rain, she knew she wasn’t the most well put together. Even now, her ponytail dripped down her back, adding to her increasing chill.

Without a word to her, he tossed the large towel in her direction then focused on the old man beside her, drawing him into a big hug and pounding him on the back. He didn’t seem to mind the man was wet as well. Their speech flowed so quickly she didn’t have any way of following it, the brogue between them was far too thick.

Closing her eyes, she put the towel over her face to wipe off the rain. At least it was a thick towel and clean. Soft too, if she wanted to think about it. Allowing herself a moment to regain her composure, she was almost ready when a strong hand gripped her wrist and lowered the hand and towel from her face.

Almost was a word she hated, because she hadn’t been ready, not for this man.

Those amazing eyes watched her from behind lowered thick, curved lashes. He was every sexual fantasy she had come to life, even ones she’d not experienced yet.

“And who might you be, lass? And why are you in my pub with your wee luggage?” His blue gaze raked over her and it may have been her lightheadedness or exhaustion, but she thought she spied some heat in there for what he was looking at.

I shouldn’t be proud of that but at least someone may find me passably attractive.

She didn’t like confrontations and she desperately wanted to hide until her backbone would come out from wherever it had gone on vacation to. She didn’t have that choice.

Emmie lifted her chin, dug deep for all those courses she’d done in the privacy of her own place and replied, “This is my pub. I’m the owner.”


So much can happen on the Emerald Isle…

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