Autumn Frost – First Kiss

He opened his eyes and locked onto hers. She held her breath, scared if she moved or made any sort of noise, he wouldn’t finish what she desperately wanted him to begin. The remaining distance fell away and his lips landed upon hers. Firm. Intoxicating.

She couldn’t stop the whimper from leaving her throat any more than she could change the stars. Pushing up on her toes, she increased the pressure between them. His tongue swiped along the seam of her mouth before entering to explore.

Oh hell yes. This! This is what I’ve been wanting and needing.

Geri gripped his shirt, balling it into her fists as she accepted the weight from him, he rested against her. God yes! This was what she’d been craving, this kind of contact. The same she had the night before when she woke sprawled on top of him. Yet this even put that to shame because right now, his lips were on hers.

Simon wrapped his arms around her, pulling her away from the Jeep and closer to him. She pushed her tongue into his mouth, seeking as much of his taste as she could acquire. He settled his hands on her ass, lifting her and she hooked her legs around him.






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