Delay of Game – First Kiss

“I want to kiss you.”

His breath had a hint of mint and something else. Whatever it was, she longed to know if the taste would be as tantalizing.

“What’s the problem? I didn’t say no.”

“The fact—” he tugged on a curl by her right temple— “I don’t know if I’d be able to stop.”

Heat pooled between her legs, and she fought the urge to squeeze them together. She skimmed her tongue over her teeth and smoothed one hand along his chest. “Do you hear me saying for you to stop?”

A growl rumbled up from his throat, and he hauled her up to his mouth, lifting her on the tips of her toes. “I’m going to fuck you. Thrust into you until you’re crying out my name. I won’t stop until you can’t come anymore. Only then will I stop.”

The rasped words were fire along her skin, and she panted, arching closer. “My room isn’t that far away.”

He dipped his head and skimmed along her cheek as he inhaled. “You smell like heaven.”

The doors slid open behind him. “I could say the same about you.” She gulped and gave herself a mental yell to get out of the elevator.

“Are you walking or should I carry you?”

“Walking, although the other is tempting beyond hell.”

Ever the gentleman, he escorted her up the hallway to the door of her room. She unlocked the door, and he opened it. The room was stunning, and in the back of her mind, she made a mental note to peep the scene later. Right now, the man who sucked all the air from her lungs in the most amazing of ways had shut out the rest of the world, leaving it occupied by the two of them.

“Ten seconds.”

His words were so graveled she had a hard time deciphering them.

“Ten seconds for what?”

“To get naked.” The fire which had been banked in his gaze became a full flame, and she understood he meant every word.






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