Branded by Frost – First Kiss

“It’s almost midnight.”

“Yes and if we have a call at two, I’d just as soon have her ready to leave again.”

The others waved and took off to do what they had. She jogged to the fuel truck and brought it up alongside the helicopter so she could begin fueling. She opened the door to find Dex standing right there. He reached up, snagged her shirt, and hauled her into his chest, claiming her lips in a dominating kiss.

She allowed him to hold her up as she opened beneath his assaulting tongue. He wasn’t asking permission to kiss her. He was taking. She scrunched her fingers in the taut cotton across his broad shoulders in an effort to get closer.

He palmed her ass and ground against her. As fast as it had begun it was—unfortunately—over.

Flames licked the corners of his eyes, adding an eerie fire to the iridescent hue of his irises. “I suggest you get that done then. You and I have some unfinished business back at the cabin. I’ll be there waiting.”



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