Tuesday Teaser ~ Belongs to You

“Eric,” Angela said backing up a step, eyes wide. “Good to see you as always.” With a final glare to Leandra, she hurried on her way. “Thank you,” Leandra said softly. “Don’t thank me for that, she’s damn lucky I don’t hit women.” His touch remained. “You look a bit shaken. Buy you a drink and a meal?” “I could do to sit for a bit, I just have to finish up here.” He gave her a wide grin. “Let’s do it.” They finished together, talking and laughing. She truly enjoyed all the Duncan boys and had gotten to know them much better since their sister was with Zane. After she’d paid, and the food was in the car, she followed him to Bethany’s where they walked in together and got a booth. She ordered a peppermint shake with whipped cream and little mint candies sprinkled on the top. That was the first thing out of her mouth and Eric shook his head, cornrows moving easily as his eyes twinkled at her. “Make it two. And we’ll each take a burger with the works please.” “Sure thing handsome,” Roni said with a grin for both of them but a wink for Eric. “Be right up.” As soon as her shake arrived, she removed the paper on the straw and dug in, eyes closing, and she purred with pleasure as it went down. “Oh, this is good.” Eric watched her, eyes unblinking. “You make that look good and sound even better.” He indulged and held up a hand as he nodded. “Holy crap you were right, this is the shit right here.” She sucked some whipped cream off her thumb. “Told you.” His straight white teeth flashed against his darker skin. “You did. All these years and I’ve never had one of these until now.” “I discovered them last month and I think if I wasn’t out at Rocking K, I would be indulging in one every single day.” She took another long pull from the straw, her tension slipping away as the shake moved through her over her taste buds and down. “You should have one everyday then. You deserve it for putting up with those three. And now my sister as well as her bestie. You’re a goddamn saint.” She ducked her head on the off chance he’d be able to see the blush skating up her darker skin. She didn’t believe so but wasn’t sure. “Not really. They’re not bad. I’ll miss them.”

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