Every Decision May Cost You… Crossroads Boxset up for preorder

Happy Thursday!

Just wanted to let you know about a boxset I’m in that is now up for Pre-order.

Every decision may cost you.
Join 20 bestselling and award-winning authors as they bring you action, adventure and drama in these 19 multi-genre stories that will keep you entertained even after you finish the books.
These stories run the gambit of the paranormal, other worlds, contemporary millionaires, military themed, alpha males, romantic suspense and even a touch of intrigue. There’s something for everyone and enough for all.
Get your copy today.

If you order and want the 6 free books please send confirmation of purchase from iTunes or Nook either to me via my contact form so I can get you the codes for the freebies. Anyone who pre-orders from iTunes or Nook can also get 6 FREE books now. Good until Dec. 24th.  https://booklaunch.io/lavernet/5bed9f6da025e2ae50e79d61

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