Teaser Tuesday ~ With This Ring

She took a moment, paying attention to the equine before her. Digging into her pocket, she withdrew the sought for sugar. Velvet soft lips plucked it from her palm with a feather light touch. Then she glanced over her shoulder and promptly lost her breath.

She’d not seen him since the night she’d fallen on her posterior before him. Then—aside from being a klutz—she looked a bit more put together. Today, she was sweaty, dirty, and smelled of horse. If she had to face the man she’d dreamt about constantly she would have preferred to have on something more than sweat from herself and horses. Then again, she was more comfortable like this and to be honest, no matter what she wore Dustin would make her a nervous wreck.

“You didn’t tell me, Samantha Finley, who you were.”


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