Wednesday Whisper ~ Forever Together

My latest release in Roxanne St. Claire’s Barefoot Bay Kindleworld. And the second of the three I’m doing in her world with my trio of brothers.


A Marine and a single mom reunite on an island paradise.

Flynn O’Malley comes to visit his brother and runs into a face from his past. Mia Borde sure has changed from the little girl he knew while growing up and he wants to get to know her all over again. She awakens something within him he never knew existed.

Mia is a widow focused on raising her little girl. When her past blows into her life, she is expecting a momentary fling with him. Flynn is thinking a bit longer than that, but she’s been the wife of a Marine once, can she do it again? It’s not just her heart she has to think about.

They had a past, they’re enjoying their present, will they be allowed a future, forever together?


That voice, did something else to him. Holy shit, it was like dark honey, raw and slow moving yet leaving behind this taste one doesn’t ever forget. He tipped his head up to stare at “Mama” and sucked in another sharp breath.

He’d heard it before from friends and even from his oldest brother, Sean when he talked about the love of his life, Rica. It had been a bolt of lightning, he’d known that instant she was the one. Until right then, Flynn had chalked it up to the man being a romantic, unlike himself. But now, looking up at this woman, he understood. One hundred percent.

Flynn shot to his feet. “Ma’am.” His damn heart raced out of control and she’d not even spoken to him directly at this point. In his periphery, he watched Doyle’s confused expression at his action.

Eyes the color of fresh gingerbread flicked from him to his brother. An ugly spike of jealousy slammed into him. Don’t look at him, focus back on me.

She pursed full, plump lips and swiped her tongue over them, before her eyes darted once more. “Doyle?” Her gaze returned to him. “Flynn?”

Pure sex was what he thought of when she said his name. However, there was surprise his name was called. This time he shared a look with his brother. From the confusion on his face, he didn’t know who she was either.

He crossed his arms and cleared his throat. “You have the advantage. Who are you?”

“Figures you wouldn’t remember me.” There wasn’t any heat in her statement. “Mia Borde, used to be Malor.”

“Little Mimi?” Doyle asked, shock in his tone.

“I despised that name—still do, but yes. That was me.” A shrug. “Is me.”

Before Flynn knew what happened, Doyle had gotten to his feet and had her in his arms, hugging her. He shoved that jealousy back where it belonged, in a box.

Then he had the opportunity. Gathering her close, he inhaled deep and allowed her scent to imbed into him. Lilies. That’s what she reminded him of.

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