Tuesday Teaser ~ The detective’s Lover


Ian watched her face in the glow of the streetlights. The weather didn’t seem to bother her; instead, it added a rosy tint to her beautiful dark skin. The horn from a ferry broke through the night.

“I think you’re right. There is something off about the report. I want to find the truth and I think if we can put aside our differences we could figure it out.” Ian waited. He frowned as amusement crossed her face.

“Is that what this is? An attempt to ferret out what I’ve learned?” She pushed away from the rails and closed the distance between them. “And tell me, Detective. How far are you willing to go with this charade?”

Ian tried to ignore his body’s reaction to her nearness. He noted how the lights glowed in pinpoints off the gloss on her lips, calling him to taste them. He swallowed and tried to tell his rapidly hardening erection to behave.

“It’s not like that.”

Fallon moved closer still. “No?” Her voice got all low and throaty. “I want to know how far you’re going to go to make me happy in hopes I’ll tell you what I know.” Her hands left her pockets and slid up his chest.

Ian fisted his gloved hands at his sides. He forced himself to remain standing in place. Neither into or away from her touch. His cock leapt to attention.

“Tell me, Detective. What have you been cleared to do? What’s the limit?” She wrapped her hands around his neck, pressing flush against him.

He gulped as her mouth moved closer.

Fallon’s fingers, covered by soft leather, teased the back of his neck. “Will you take me out?” She blinked once, slowly, her thick lashes falling and rising again. “Would you actually sleep with a Maddox?” Her lips were millimeters away from his, fanning his mouth with her warm breath.

Ian gave in with a low growl. He hauled her in close and covered her mouth with his.

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