Wednesday Whisper ~ Daring the Hard Man

Some dares are worth everything…

Luca “Hard Man” Van der Laar is the top bad boy player for the MLS team, Washington Ospreys. Attending a Miami Thunder charity event he lays eyes on a woman he wants to call his own. But can he keep her after their one night?

Kaitlyn Henderson never expected to find a one-night stand at the event she attends. But there he was and there they were. From a family of cops, and as a 911 dispatcher herself, she embraces life, taking it as it comes, understanding that the next second may be your last.

She wasn’t expecting anything more than their one shared night, however he takes that as a dare and is determined to prove there is so much more between them than twenty-four hours.


The first few missed as he joined in the joviality, egging them on to sink him. A tall burly man stepped up and took the ball. Luca prepared himself. However, the man passed it to a young girl hanging on his leg. Her Annie-curls bounced in the wind as she curved her fingers around the ball.

“Three for the lovely redhead,” the caller said. “I’m partial to red curls.”

The little girl gave the large man beside her the extra two. Her face pinched as she pursed his lips.

Luca watched her adjust her stance before she drew back and threw. While not hard enough to knock him from his perch, she hit the circle. She wriggled her nose, took another ball, stepped back and let it go. Another hit. Just not enough power.

There were encouraging cheers from everyone for her to get him with the final ball. Luca rubbed his hands together and beckoned at the girl. The man with her dipped his body lower and whispered in her ear. Then the guy stared at Luca and pierced him with his intense blue eyes.

He swallowed, expecting the worst.

The man didn’t take the ball from the girl, just assisted her in adjusting her stance.

Luca cracked his neck and waited. Beyond the man, he spotted a woman approaching—the one he’d been trying to find. His breath hitched and he sat higher, trying to keep her in sight as she wove around the few people between her and him. He refused to move his gaze away, keeping it locked on her.

She looked down then back up and met his stare.

His heart skipped a few more beats as her golden gaze snared him. Beautiful eyes, reminded him of liquid gold. Sure, it could have been from the light but he wasn’t sure.

Her lips kicked up in a grin.

He responded. Then water covered him as he sank below the water line. The cold shock had him gasping, then spitting out water as he surfaced.

The crowd cheered the girl on and he sought for his woman.

Yes, she was his.


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