Wednesday Whisper – Leading Lady


Lives decided. Futures predestined. From out of the millions in the mass they were chosen. Six. Each given a sign, powers and a taskā€”find and protect your artefact to raise the hope of the world when the times arrives. There will be pain and sorrow. There will be suffering and loss. There will also be love. The battle is coming for the world and that which stands between humanity and darkness are the six. The Astral Guardians.


This woman is one of the Six.





Roz Hill is fearless in the courtroom and in pursuing what she desires. She gives all of herself when she does and if you’re not ready to hang on, don’t get on the ride. Connected to the earth, she has to fight to stay alive and survive so she can get bac to her own solider that means more to her than anything.


Fields of Thunder

Paranormal, interracial

Ebook or Print

Astral Guardians, Book 3

2 Responses to “Wednesday Whisper – Leading Lady”

  1. DuchessBee says:

    This was the first book I bought from the series, since going in order apparently isn’t in my thought process. Absolutely loved the premise, the story and the presentation.

    Going back for the rest!

  2. Aliyah Burke says:

    Thank you so much! I’m thrilled you enjoyed this story and hope you do the rest of the series.
    Happy reading,