Heartthrob Heroes

Today’s hero is Kori.

Most know him as Cormac MacLochlainne, a wolf shifter who’s been trained by one of the best, Dane Sidorov.

When he found out his mate was the young woman Dane had taken in as his own child, Kori knew he was in trouble. Dane was an enforcer who defended those he loved with a passion barely met by others. None of it mattered to Kori who knew he needed Lera in his life.

Kori is the oldest of three, his two siblings are¬†twins. The family comes from a line of Druids and shifters. He’s a silent man, preferring to be alone than with a large group with others. Alpha, stubborn, and set in how he believes things should be done. Lera teaches him more than he knew he had yet to learn. Their journey is a mix of adventure, fear, love, and loss. He has to learn that the woman he loves more than anything in the world is key to an ancient race.

aloveforlera Paranormal, interracial

Book 1 of the Hakion series.

Ebook and/or print


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