The Spook & The Hacker by Lanna Farrell

In celebration of Halloween – The first in a new series, the Holiday Cheer Series

Mariah Livingston is a genius with an IQ of 182. As a young child she excelled at hacking computers all over the world and earned her a spot on the Special Unit FBI’s watch list. When they send Undercover Agent Michael Kendrick to take her down. He discovers Mariah only uses her skills to help her family take down criminals or find lost loved ones for families. When Michael reports back the FBI closes the file which leads Michael to dating and falling in love with Mariah. Now a year later the FBI needs her help. When she walks into their underground secret facility, learning they deal with both regular and paranormal people, she meets someone she never expected, A Spook, undercover Special Agent, Michael Kendrick. Never in a million years would she have pictured her lover, best friend, the man she one day dreamt of marrying walking into that office where they have taken her for an interview. Can she forgive him for deceiving her? Only Mariah can decide.



Mick saw Mariah switching shoes as he drove past on his way to work. He felt badly now that he’d kept her in bed way too long this morning. She was a woman he couldn’t just have sex with one time. No, every time he was lucky enough to have her over, he had to have her as many times as he could, providing his junk worked.

It was selfish of him, but she sure hadn’t complained. Mariah was a passionate, beautiful woman who loved sex as much as he did.

This morning, she had been angry with him for delaying her departure. He knew it was an important day for her.

When he saw she was already late, he quickly bee-lined it for the parking lot, so he could get ahead of her to see her off and wish her luck. Watching her jog through the rain, with a scowl on her face, he couldn’t be more in love with her if he tried. Mick knew he would never take Mariah for granted.

He had known her for a couple of years, with it only being during the last year in which they’d developed a relationship.

Mariah, still, to this day, called him her “friend with benefits”. Mick thought their feelings went deeper than that. After today, though, he wasn’t so sure they would have anything left of their love for each other.

The one thing that had bothered Mick was coming to a head today. She would finally know who and what he was. He hoped their love could withstand what she was sure to see as a betrayal, but he wasn’t sure Mariah would forgive him for this.

Now, all he had to do was support her, give her a kiss, and send her to his funeral, in a matter of speaking. Mick was taking a chance with their relationship, but he couldn’t keep the secret from her any longer.

Mariah was a slender woman with fiery dark gray-green flecked eyes which glowed and pierced, especially when she was angry or, in his case, passionately loving him.

Mariah had a slim waist which flared into perfect rounded hips. The black skirt and blazer she wore did nothing to hide her body, only accentuating it more.

“Mick? What are doing here?” Mariah gasped.

He pulled open the door. “Hey, I felt bad. It was my fault you’re so late.”

“Well, don’t blame yourself. I could have told you no.” Her face turned crimson. Mick thought she was adorable when she turned all shy on him.

“I’m here to make sure you still get your chance.” Mick took her hand and guided her toward the security guard who was stationed inside the door.

Mick led her over to the gate, which was the start of the checkpoint. “This is where I stay. Good luck today, Mariah.” he whispered.

She hugged him, then, before she had a chance to pull away, he kissed her. She frowned at him. “Wow, Mick, you’re holding me as if this is that last time you’ll see me. What’s going on with you?”

“Nothing. I’m just trying to wish you luck.” He had to remember how intelligent this woman was.

“Well, okay, then. But, it seems silly you drove all the way over here to wish me luck. Are you feeling okay?” Her wide-eyed innocence was merely a smoke screen; he knew she was trying to figure out something, and she had no idea.

Mick had to break away quickly before he said or did something to send her running away from him and this job interview. Today was the day he had to come clean about his past, as well as reveal his deepest secret. It could tear them apart.

Mick smiled gently. “I’m just fine; really, it was no bother. I just work around the corner.”

Mariah laughed. “Well said, Mick, I’m sorry. You know me; I’m always suspicious. Now, one more thing; do I look okay?” She wore a worried frown.

“Let me take a look.” Mick straightened the tie she had worn today to match her suit. It was black, made of silk. It hung down onto a white buttoned up dress shirt.

He brushed off her blazer. “There, other than being slightly wet, you look great. I love your hair like this. It reminds me of the wonderful night you gave me.”

Mariah’s long hair had curled even more with the humidly in the air and was piled on top her head in a messy bun.

“Do you think it’s too much?” She brushed back the wisps that fell out of the clip and surrounded her face.

“Not at all; you’re sexy as hell. Now, get in there. Mariah, you can do this, I promise.”

He pushed her toward the waiting female security guard.

Until Mariah was hired, he wasn’t allowed to tell her anything, especially about himself. As much as he hated it, keeping his real identity from her was absolutely necessary. He prayed she would forgive him. Mick couldn’t lose her now.


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