Wednesday…a contest and news

Busy morning. Finished up edits on another book and signed a contract for a paranormal. I’m liking the way this is all falling into place and hopefully I can pull it all off. I’m excited about being able to share what’s coming. Soon. Now, I’m off to do some more writing on a contemporary before lunch then work. Have a stellar day, y’all.
— listening to Emerson Drive.

Okay, I promised so here is the contest. The first one anyway.
Nothing hard, truly. Just comment beneath the post about it on my author page to be entered to win.
The print set of the McKingley series (3 books/2 novellas per book) co-written with McKenna Jeffries. books
This will run until noon (est) 23 Oct 14. Then I’ll have DH pick a name. I will ship anywhere so if any international people would like to enter, please feel free. Luck to all.

One Response to “Wednesday…a contest and news”

  1. I would love to win this set of books to add to my aliyah Burke collection.