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Well, I’m late…I know, not really any surprise there. But, today the lovely and talented Ms. Yvette Hines is spearheading the group today over at the Scandalous Heroes Box Set Fan Page https://www.facebook.com/groups/688144931255884/ . Swing by, there are contests and other fun things going on. You can also check out her interview here: http://sasse-yvette-hines.blogspot.com/?zx=866208e7acbcc2d6 and learn a bit more about her.
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Now, as promised here’s a look at her story.
10353703_749939555072968_4527573008766246977_n  Blurb:

SEIGED BY RYM ~ Yvette Hines (USA Today Bestseller)

They picked the wrong warrior cat to abduct. Rym never liked being ordered about so when he discovers his freedom is weighed against his agreement to breed with Krysteena, he practically purrs at the chance to prove to the beauty who’s truly in charge and escape.



Before they took their next breath they were once again in the throne room of Argona in their normal form. Krysteena was overjoyed to finally be rid of the fur that had covered her body for a year. As if time had not moved, her mother sat regally on the throne, Krysteena stood beside her and Rymingten was on his feet before the queen. The council members were seated at a long table on the side of the room observing.

She’d almost forgotten how handsome and virile he was in the flesh. His short dark-golden colored hair, so different in length and texture from hers, made her fingers itch to touch it. He now wore the open shirt and trousers of his planet and seeing the way the material clung to his great height and the multitude of muscles covering his body made her feel feminine in a way she’d never experienced before. It was similar to the deep ache in her core that she had felt while they were in house cat form. But greater. That desire that had throbbed through her body and the scent she emitted had been manifested by her mother to taunt Rymingten, it hadn’t been real. However, what was happening to her body now was very real.

It wasn’t only sexual attraction; as an Argonian sexuality was common for them, something they learned to embrace at a young age. On her planet there may not have been males for them to join and breed with, but they did have sex dens with males from different, lesser planets. Non-warrior men. What she was experiencing was something else, something more intense and unfamiliar. It was so powerful she feared it, but as an Argonian female she was taught to fear nothing.

“What say you, Kitcy warrior? I offer you the blessing of joining with my eldest daughter. Live with her in her dwelling and breed with her. Submit yourself to my rule. Her authority.”

Unlike before, when Rymingten’s response was quick and negative, he took his time to glance away

from the queen to Krysteena. Those bronze eyes of his locked on her, eyes she’d become used to staring into during their banishment.

She wished her power allowed her to mind read, see what it was that he was thinking, but it didn’t. So, she waited with the queen and the other council members staring at the scene before them. They were most likely wondering how it would play out this time.

“What is your desire, Krys?” Rymingten asked.

My desire? Krysteena wasn’t sure how to respond to that question. This could truly be her out. She could tell her mother that after spending a year with this warrior she had no desire to be with him through galaxy eternity. That she would prefer another be found that was more to her liking. However, as she stared into those majestic eyes, she couldn’t get her mouth to open and make the request to have him banished or sent back to his own planet.

“I am the one making the request here, Kitcy male.” Queen Eyleen leaned forward and shot Rymingten with a piercing look.

Seeming unfazed, Krysteena watched as his gaze slowly left hers and was set on her mother.

“My pardon, Queen Eyleen. Please do not take any disrespect. However, it’s possible your daughter may not be willing to join herself to me. If this is the case I do not believe it is important whether or not I give my consent if she does not wish for the situation to be made between us.”

Not waiting for her mother’s response to his small speech, he once again stared at her.

His gaze was too intense. The heat radiating from the unwavering look he gave her had heat spreading through her breasts and making her nipples draw tight against the standard soft material of her chiton. Tightening her hands at her back, she stifled the urge to place a protective globe around herself to ward off the effect of his gaze. However, she wasn’t even sure it would work in such a manner.

“You may be correct in your assessment. What say you, offspring of my womb? Have this warrior or should I send him to the labor board for work?”

Krysteena knew the custom of her planet that captured males who refused to submit to a joining usually were sent to the harvesting fields to work, but for some reason she couldn’t see such a life for Rymingten. She wanted to harden her heart against the imposing male, but something she truly didn’t comprehend hindered her. Was it possible that the Kitcy people were some kind of emotional sorcerers?

“We wait?”

“What shall you have for my life, Krys…joined to you or the fields?” His gaze may have been intense, but, she noted the small arching of his brow.

Is he funning me? Did he see this all as a joke? Perhaps even now after experiencing the queen’s power he was plotting a way of escape? Hm, he would learn soon if this was his scheme that it was not possible. The boundary of protection around their planet was put there by using all of the Argona females’ powers, it was unbreachable. Impossible for anyone to travel out of it or in it without an inhabitant’s presence aboard a vessel.

However, that wasn’t the situation or an issue at present—her answer was.

“I will join with him. Now your fate lies in your own hands Kitcy warrior…what say you?”

Krysteena was sure if he rejected her mother again, the queen would end his existence. Even if her mother appeared to offer him a choice of labor…she knew what the queen most likely suspected—this warrior would be too much of a risk. He had enough stubbornness and determination that he could incite an uprising with the other males there. So, the best would be for Queen Eyleen to turn him into

galaxy dust and release his soul to the gods.

That outcome would sadden her. Even as she tried to imagine what life would be like with him if he agreed.

“Queen Eyleen, I would be honored to join with your daughter Krysteena.”

Unsure of how she felt, or how to respond, Krysteena simply gave a quick nod.

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