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Today is Serenity King‘s turn at the helm for the Scandalous Heroes box set. Visit her over at to learn more about her, hear about her books and I hear there are even prizes…



Michael Alesi is not looking for anything other than a good time. He works hard and plays even harder. But after being summoned to the home of his cousin, Michael is blindsided by the feisty, Kendra Washington. Kendra is beautiful and sassy, and she seems to want nothing to do with Michael. That is fine with Michael—he doesn’t do relationships and he has plenty of business and social opportunities to keep him busy. Then he witnesses Kendra’s life being put in danger by a nasty crime. He comes to her rescue and, as he gets to know her, he decides that maybe a committed relationship isn’t so bad after all.


Just as they are feeling their way toward a relationship, a whirlwind of deadly events sends life spiraling out of control for both Michael and Kendra. Will they be able to find shelter in each other’s arms, or will the demons of both the past and the present keep them apart forever?


The Wrath of Michael excerpt

By: Serenity King

Michael Alesi glanced over at the beautiful brunette lying next to him and wondered what the hell he was still doing with her. It seemed like the only things that he and Carmella had in common were sex and privilege. In fact, Michael had begun to think that he was spending far too much time with the woman lately. She was beginning to grate on his last nerve.  He saw it coming. Once his cousin Piero got engaged, his mother had gotten it into her head that he should settle down and make babies. The thought of marrying any woman gave Michael hives. He couldn’t imagine himself being tied down to one woman for a lifetime.

He eyed Carmella’s sleeping form once again before throwing the covers off, swinging his legs off the bed, and walking stark naked across the room toward the adjoining bathroom.

“Michael, where are you going?” he heard her ask.

“To take a shower,” he called over his shoulder as he kept walking.

“Hmm, sounds nice. Maybe I’ll come join you,” Carmella purred and stretched her body like a lithe cat.

Michael was tempted to have her join him. However, her visits were becoming more frequent than he liked. In no way were he and Carmella an item. She might as well dispense with that notion quickly.

“The offer is tempting; however, I have a meeting with Piero in just under an hour.”

“Even more reason why I should join you,” she said, letting the silk sheets slide down her body, exposing her bare breasts. “Come on, Michael. You know I’ll make it worth your while.”

Michael stared at her voluptuous breasts for a mere moment before giving in to temptation and letting Carmella join him in the shower. “Why not? This has to be a quick one. I have to leave.” He smiled slowly.

“We will see, dear Michael. We will see,” she crowed.

He watched as she crawled on her hands and knees toward the edge of the bed, carefully gliding to her feet and walking toward him. She stood in front of him and grabbed his balls in her hand.

Michael let out a long hissing sound as she gently glided her soft, silken hand up and down his hardened length.

“I do believe you are trying to start something before the shower,” he breathed.

“Any objections?” she asked coyly, running her tongue along his jaw as she continued to massage his erection.

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