Scandalous Heroes ~ Last Call by Bridget Midway

So today at the Scandalous Heroes page the lovely Bridget Midway is taking over…she promises to be gentle, just sayin’. I hear there will be a contest and other fun things going on. Where is it you ask?? Let me help you out.
So, stop by and hang out with all of us. — with Yvette Hines and 7 others.

Here’s the blurb:

LAST CALL ~Bridget Midway (Amazon Bestseller) *** This is a BDSM interracial contemporary erotic novel***

Eminence Dutton has to make some crucial decisions about work, her struggling love life, and an invitation from a former friend. The only thing that would complicate her life more would be to see her old high school boyfriend.

Keys “Tank” Tanksley thought he had gotten Eminence Dutton out of his system. Now a BDSM Dom, this man does not plan on letting this woman go without being heard or without her experiencing the sting of his whip.

When Tank tries to rekindle the relationship with Eminence, she has to wonder what’s important: her dream or her heart.

A snippet of the tale she’s woven? Of course… Enjoy!

Keys grabbed her hands and placed them on the snap above the zipper in his jeans. He broke the kiss long enough to say, “Make the next move.”

Eminence stared at Keys for a moment, studying his blue eyes that had enraptured her from the first moment she’d met him. He’d made the statement almost daring her to take the next step.

Was she this starved for affection? Did she really need to feel him inside of her right now? Could she forget the hurt and pain from the past to extinguish her lusty flame inside? Could she betray Les like this?

Eminence swept her hand up the front of his pants, feeling an impressive bulge and making him growl his appreciation. Hell, she could screw him like he and Jordie had done to her. Fuck him and then leave him again. She’d already made plans to break up with Les before she even knew Keys stood at the door.

Eminence undid open the snap on his jeans and worked to pull down his zipper when Keys scooped his hands under her butt and lifted her. With only two steps, he carried her over to the desk. She reached back to push her purse to the floor just before he sat her on the top. Using the heels of her stilettos, she snagged his jeans and pulled them down.

“Here in the office?” he asked.

His query reminded Eminence of when he asked her about having sex for the first time in his cramped closet.

“The music’s so loud, no one will hear us,” she replied breathlessly.

Keys pulled up on Eminence’s shirt and brought it over her breasts. “On a desk?”

“Why? You have a closet that might work better?” She cocked a smile at the side of her mouth.

He chuckled. “Good point.” Then he skillfully unsnapped the front clasp of her bra.

Eminence could have sworn she heard Keys thanking God, but she could barely hear anything above the sounds of her heart pounding in her ears. He cupped her breasts and took no time in latching his mouth onto her nipple as his other large hand massaged her.

She raked her fingers over his head. The short stubble tickled her hands. Now she hated his short hairstyle. It would have been great to be able to grab a handful of his hair.

Keys twirled his tongue over her hardened nipple. With her body on auto-pilot, Eminence breathed hard. Her hands trembled. Her legs coiled around his waist.

Do it for you. Do it for you. Don’t think about Les.

If she kept telling herself that, she could excuse what would happen next. Keys dragged his tongue over to her other breast and laved it the same way, sucking it until it felt both painful and pleasurable all at once.

When Eminence didn’t think she could take any more, he circled her nipple with the tip of his tongue. The nipple he’d just suckled he now pinched between his thumb and index finger. The sensation had her writhing on the desk. When Keys squeezed harder, Eminence released a cry…but she didn’t want the feeling to stop.

Years had not dulled his senses. Back then, and now, he knew how to read her body. He made the sensations intense when he knew she could take it, and he backed off when she could no longer handle it without her saying a word, just like a good lover.

Keys stood and clamped his other hand on her now unattended tit. He gave that nipple the same treatment, compessing it while Eminence arched her back and accepted the pain.

“Good. Good. Breathe.” Keys kept his voice low and steady.

Eminence rested her hands on top of his as she released a long exhale. By doing that, she felt relaxed and secured, a strange feeling considering who had control over her body. Just days ago, Eminence would have been fine not seeing Keys again. After a chance meeting and now this, she couldn’t imagine how she’d gone through life without him.

She squeezed her legs around his thighs. After administering another pressing down on both nipples, Keys released one and allowed his masterful hand to coast down her body. He drifted over her belly to between her thighs.

Eminence opened her eyes and stared at the man who looked nothing like the boy in that closet from fifteen years ago. This man owned her at this moment. Keys slid his fingers over her now slick nether lips. He could have dipped his digit into her pussy. Eminence would have welcomed it. Keys abstained.

While keeping his stare on her, he slipped her hardened clit between his fingers. The motion, along with the solid pinch on her nipple, had her mewling. Eminence gripped the sides of the desk as Keys performed his magic on her body.

Keys kept the pressure on her labia while smoothing his hand back and forth until he finally stopped. The pause allowed Eminence to take a needed breath before Keys shocked her again and squeezed her clit between his fingers.

“Oh, God!” Eminence pounded her fist on the desk as Keys played her body like a musician on a piano.

Black Keys. White Keys. It all came back.

All the while, Keys kept his stare on her face. He moved his hand over to Eminence’s other nipple and circled his thumb around it before eventually administering the same punishment on it again.

Although she tried hard to fight against it, Eminence felt her body undulating under Keys’s manipulation. She felt the pressure being released from her aching vagina, which allowed Eminence to catch a much needed second wind. The coolness as Keys removed his hand from her mound had been short-lived as soon as she felt a hard swat against her clit.

“Shit!” Eminence sat up on her elbows. She glared at Keys, who carried the most confident smirk on his face.

While staring back at her, he administered another hit on her pussy, and another. Eminence should have walked…if she could. She should have told this man off. With each hit, her body craved more, a strange reaction to something so out of her character.

Keys had pinched her nipples when they’d dated. That hadn’t shocked her. Back then he would squeeze them, get her reaction, and let them go. Now, it felt as though he had a purpose behind each move. Every grasp, every hit, every look had a meaning behind them.

Eminence had been sucked into Keys’s vortex of power, and she didn’t want to escape. He managed to make her forget about their checkered past or even why she ended up at this club. How Keys made her body feel consumed her.

“Talk to me,” Keys commanded. “Tell me how you feel.”

Eminence, unable to form words, just nodded. She hoped that her nonverbal response would satisfy him.

“No. Talk to me. Tell me how you like this.”

Eminence swallowed first. In gasping breaths, she answered, “Like it. Good. Feels good.”

Keys gave her one hard swat to her pussy that had her legs thrashing. Then he removed his hands from her body for a moment before he held onto her hips and pulled her close to his body. He massaged her hips. “I could do so much with you.” Keys nodded.

Eminence took that moment to corral her senses. She inhaled and on the exhale said, “Take me. Just do it.”

Keys took it upon himself to pull down his boxers, revealing his long and strong cock. Eminence licked her lips at the sight. Any way Keys wanted her right now, he could have her. She wished she could have fought against that urge a bit more. Her body wanted him even if in her heart she hadn’t forgiven him or forgotten the past.

Then Keys did something strange: he stopped. In all their passion and fervor, why had he halted the action? Did he want her to beg for him to fuck her? Hell, who was Eminence kidding? She wanted him to plunge so deep in her that it would make her forget her name, his name, and Les’s name.

“Shit,” he said between gritted teeth.

“What?” Eminence panted as she stared at him.

“Protection.” Keys stared down at his erection as though she couldn’t understand what he meant. “I don’t have any on me. Didn’t expect something like this to happen.”

“It’s fine. I’m still on The Pill.” She pulled him in closer using her legs.

Unfortunately, even with her bit of news, Keys remained cemented in his spot.

Eminence craned her head up again. This time she supported her upper body with her elbows. “You don’t trust me?”

Keys said nothing, but his waning dick spoke volumes. “Hurts not being trusted, doesn’t it?” Newsletter group –

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