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Happy Wednesday! Thought today we’d revisit Dimitri and Landi. Hope all y’all have a wonderful day!

Ilanderae “Landi” Nycks never thought she’d meet up with the man who’d stolen her heart only to turn around and break it. His disheveled black hair, lean muscular body, and golden eyes affected her as much as the day they met. However, on that fateful day in Greece they were reunited.
Dimitri “Merlin” Melonakos felt the world shift on its axis the second his gaze landed upon his own epitome of perfection, Landi Nycks. Her petite form, fawn colored eyes, flawless skin all made him long to go back in time and correct the mistakes he made in their relationship.
Resolute to get another chance with her, Dimitri does all he can to get another chance. Landi is unsure and not very trusting but bit by bit she begins to allow him back into her heart. Their newly renewed relationship is tested by new people into their lives, missions, and more. Dimitri doesn’t care about how many things he has to overcome, he vows to never let her go again for she is…
Dimitri’s Moon


Content below is not suitable if under 18.

She’d been at the park for a few hours enjoying the attractions.  Her cell rang as she dodged a small child and his rapidly melting ice cream cone. “Hello?”
“Afternoon, gorgeous.”
Landi stepped to the side and smiled at Dimitri’s voice. “Hey, yourself. How’re you doing?”
“I’m better now. Where are you?”
“I’m by the Coconut Bay Café. How about you?”
“On my way to you.”
Sensual shivers spread throughout her despite the warmth of the day. Dimitri had this way of sounding so damn sexy when he talked. “I’ll be waiting,” she said softly before disconnecting the call. Landi sat down on the edge of a bench and watched the steady flow of people before her.
As if the entire park shifted from normal to slow-motion, her gaze landed upon Dimitri Melonakos advancing toward her. Her breath caught in her throat, her heart skipped a few beats, and the juncture between her legs grew damp with longing. The man strode with an inherent confidence that drew many appreciative stares.
His black hair caught the breeze and bounced with each powerful step he took. A dark-blue shirt conformed to his impressive torso; his biceps strained against the sleeves. He had on light blue jeans that hugged powerful thighs. Though he exuded power, Dimitri had a lazy smile on his face when he stopped before her.
Landi stood to meet him and enjoyed the envious looks some women sent her as his arms closed around her. He smelled fresh and crisp.
“Kalispera, Landi,” he whispered as he kissed her lightly.
The amount of passion that rocketed through her weakened her knees. Her arms wrapped around his waist as she kissed him back. A frustrated moan slipped from her lips when he put some space between them.
“How are you, baby?”
“I’m fine,” she said, dropping her arms from around his trim waist. Her eyes dropped to his chest and she smiled. “Nice shirt.”
“Thanks. One of my faves.”
The shirt had a marbled look to it with the head of a Great White Shark across it. The animal looked like it was breaking through the fabric.
“Very fitting,” she commented as he took her hand. Landi recalled his Team had taken its nickname from that of a prehistoric shark, one thought to be the largest and deadliest carnivorous creature of the oceans.  It tripled the size of today’s Great White; in fact, experts thought it to be the Great White’s ancestor.
He smiled down at her. “You look beautiful, Landi. And so hot!”
She ducked her head to hide her reddening cheeks.  Only Dimitri could make her blush like a schoolgirl. “Thank you,” she muttered, glad he thought so. In the back of her mind, she knew she’d wanted to impress him.
As if he sensed she was uncomfortable, he questioned, “Where’d you want to go?”
Tucking a wayward curl behind her ear, Landi tipped her head up. “Have you eaten?”
“Not since 0530.”
Her brows furrowed. “When’d you leave this morning?”
His lips brushed hers. “Much sooner than I wanted to.”
That damn blush and tingly feeling swept her body. “Do you want to eat here?” she asked, pointing toward the Coconut Bay Café.
“Here’s just fine.”
Hand in hand, they walked to the restaurant and had a nice lunch. Afterward, they went next door into the Shark Encounter. As the sharks swam overtop of them, Landi looked on in awe and wonder.
“They truly are so graceful,” she said as Dimitri stepped away from her a bit to allow a little boy to run between them.
“They are. Almost enough so that you forget what amazing predators they are. There’s an eerie ghost-like quality to them.”
Leaning against the railing, Landi nodded. “Still, they are beautiful.”
“No argument.”
Dimitri wrapped his arm around her waist and they continued on. Her gaze traveled over multitudes of sand tiger, black tip, whitetip, and bonnethead sharks. Even though they’d been safe, Landi still felt better once the warm California sun touched her skin. The sharks had this power about them that made her nervous.
The couple attended the Dolphin Interaction Program; and as her fingers moved across a dolphin’s back, Landi felt totally at peace. Being with Dimitri gave her that. They watched the dolphin show while holding hands. As they left their seats, Dimitri gazed down at her and queried, “Where to now?”
“Polar bears.”
“As milady commands.”


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