Wednesday Whisper!

Wednesday…so here’s this weeks Wednesday Whisper.

A mercenary, the lover who betrayed her, and a second chance, can they make it work?
Standing six-three with a strong body, golden-brown eyes, dark brown hair with both blondish and red highlights, half Native American, half Caucasian Mace Dylan was one of the best agents the Global Defense Squad, or GDS, had ever seen.  He’d given his life to the GDS for the past thirteen years, and though his looks ensured him he would never be lacking in more amorous missions, he’d only ever loved one woman.  Sinjin.
Standing five-six with dark brown skin, dark, chocolaty eyes, and straight, jet black hair, Sinjin was filled with the lean muscles of the elite mercenary she was.  She was also a computer genius, and there wasn’t a weapon or vehicle she couldn’t operate.
It also made her dangerous, and when she is implicated in a high-profile case the GDS was operating, Mace made the crucial mistake of choosing his job over her.  That choice landed her in an Icelandic prison for the next six years.
What happens when Mace must face her and convince her to help the one person who had betrayed her the most—himself?  Is there anyway that Mace can make Sinjin forgive him and possibly give them another chance? Can she find a way to save his life in time? Will she ever realize her own worth and learn that…
Sin Is Not A Four Letter Word
Unedited Excerpt of Sin is Not a Four-Letter Word ©2007 Aliyah Burke

“Now is not the time, Mace. We need to go.” She paused briefly. “Now.”
Mace followed her out the window. She handed him a pair of night vision goggles, gave him about two seconds before she was moving out.  For a moment he let his gaze move over her body. She was totally covered, even in the heat. Her hair was confined and covered by a cap. Still, her movements were flawless and impressive.
He had seen her in action before and it seemed that the time incarcerated didn’t do anything to take away from it. She kept them along the edge of the jungle as they moved towards a destination only she knew.
Once they reached bridge, she took the goggles off for there were lights already around. Her hat came off next and was shoved into one of many pockets on her. As Mace took his goggles off as well, he ran his eyes over her again.
He noticed there were no visible weapons on her but he knew she was packing heat, somewhere. Mace fell into step beside her as they walked out onto the pier and headed out towards a boat.
She kept them in the shadows, but if there was anyone watching them. Sinjin was savvy enough that it didn’t appear that way. Once they reached the end she turned them down the left pier. Not a word passed her lips as she stopped before a light craft. Her hand gesture waved him forward.
Mace stepped onto the boat and hesitated as he saw two men with fully automatic weapons pointed at him. One of the men jerked his head toward the cabin and so Mace followed and went in there.
Once the door had shut behind him, he felt the engine start and the boat began to move. The feel of another presence startled him and he scanned the room only to freeze. Sitting comfortably on a lounge was none other than Cicero.
The man laughed as astonishment flashed across Mace’s face. Cicero was a very handsome man. He looked to be around mid to late forties. His hair was streaked through with silver, but that only added to the distinguished look he portrayed with ease.
His skin was deeply tanned, but not wrinkled. Here was a man who took good care of his body. Mace’s stomach heaved as he imagined this man and Sinjin together.
“Well, well. You seem to be a bit speechless, Mace Dylan,” Cicero’s voice filled the room. It had an accent on it that Mace couldn’t identify. “It is an honor to meet the one man who came the closest to capturing me.”
“What do you want?” Mace braced himself as the boat banked to the right.
“Me?” The broad shoulders shrugged easily. “I want you dead…alas it is not my call. Not this time.”
Mace’s ears picked up on a loud conversation that was going on outside the door. “Why am I here? They won’t ransom me and they won’t make any promises.”
Cicero merely stared at him while he swirled his drink in his hand. “Take a seat.” Mace did and as he waited he rubbed the arm that Sinjin had cut. “She took blood?” Cicero asked, something lighting up his dark eyes.
“She sliced my damn arm,” Mace snapped.
“It had to look like you put up a fight and didn’t go with her willingly,” Cicero explained as if Mace were a five year old.
“I didn’t go willingly!”
“Didn’t you?” Cicero questioned softly.
Mace didn’t know how to respond. Part of him had been thrilled to follow Sinjin but the agent in him knew it was wrong on all counts. No matter how he looked at it. It was willingly. Instead of admitting it, he remained silent.
The door opened and in walked Sinjin and a man Mace didn’t even recognize. He thought they had photos of most of the men around her. But this was a new one, even for him.
Sinjin wore a pair of black BDUs that sat low on her hips. Pressed against all her lovely sienna skin was a camouflaged tank top. Her hair was shoved up under a green soldier’s cap and there were black combat boots on her feet.
She had a pistol on each thigh and slung over her shoulder was the assault rifle he recalled from when she was shooting outside. Dangerous and sexy were the words that came to mind as he looked at her. Her face was an unreadable mask of indifference.
“Drink this,” she ordered as the man that had come with her handed him a glass of murky brown liquid.
“No,” he refused. A refusal that changed the second she aimed a sidearm at him.

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