In celebration of the fourth book in the Kemet Uncovered series being released we are having a contest.

The entry for the Kemet Uncovered Contest can be done from either of our websites. The questions will be the same for each
site so it doesn’t matter which you go to enter your answers. You must fill out the form completely and answer all 5 (five) of the
questions correctly to be to be considered eligible with a qualified entry for a chance to win the prizes being offered.

One winner will be chosen out of all the properly entered contestants.

This contest will run from June 4, 2012 through July 15, 2012 midnight EST. The winner of this contest will be announced
July 18, 2012.

The prizes for this contest is as follows:

A coffee mug with SAFFRON’s cover on it.

A tote bag with LINC’s cover on it.

A journal (lined) with DEVI ‘s cover on it.

A mouse pad with TALIOS’ cover on it.

A shot glass with SEDUCING DAMAIN’s cover on it.

A personalized (up to 9 characters) silver cartouche pendant. Similar to image above. No chain will be included.

All prizes above a total of 6 items will be awarded to one winner.

Now for the rules:

All your information must be entered on the form found on either Taige Crenshaw, or Aliyah Burke’s site.
There is no need to fill out a form on both sites. Just gather your answers to each question then go to either site and enter your answers.  Enter your first and last name, email address, fill in the answers to each of the 5 questions in the spots where it is stated, and physical mailing address. That’s it.
Please note all the information we requested is needed in order for your contest entry to be considered a valid entry to be entered to win the prize. Incomplete entries will be disregarded. Your address will be kept private and not shared with anyone. After midnight EST on July 15, 2012 no more entries will be accepted. The winner will be chosen and their name, only their name will be posted.

One final stipulation, if this contest is posted on any of the sweepstakes sites the authors reserve the right to terminate the contest at our discretion with no warning and none of the stated prizes will be given.

Good Luck!

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