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On The High Seas

In the What White Boyz Desire anthology


Publisher: Parker Publishing

November 2011


Genre: Contemporary





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Captured by pirates, Taryn Jeffers never knew if she would survive, much less make it home, until the night everything changed. Galen Maxwell operated mechanically, until they rescued a woman who made him face the darkest parts of his past. The ones he’d spent years burying so deep they would never again see the light of day. These two had a past but can they have a future? Will Galen show her she is what he desires?
Content below is not suitable if under 18.


“Give me some help down here!”

Galen sprinted back through the door and the ship to burst into the medical room, ready for anything. His warrior woman had woken and had managed to back herself into a corner where she waved a scalpel.

One eye sealed shut and the other not much better. Doc tried to calm her but to no avail. He could see her fear behind the bravado act.

“Clear the room.” Galen ordered his voice calm.

“What?” Doc and Ryder asked simultaneously, shock apparent.

“Do it now,” he bit off. “And close the hatch behind you.”

Galen never took his eyes off the petrified woman. Her dark hair fell in a ratty mess past her shoulders. Her brown skin seemed pale, from lack of sun he bet. She wasn’t rail thin but a woman with curves. One which would mold perfectly to a man while in his arms. He would be more than happy to play the man part in that scenario.

With a sharp mental reprimand, he focused on the matter before him.

“You sure about this, man?” Ryder asked. “Maybe I—”


Galen knew why Ryder tried to offer to do this, gentleness not a word most people used for him. Normally he would have not put up an argument but this little woman made him acquire the gut reaction of possessiveness. Moreover, he wanted none of the men near her.

The door latched and he knew they were alone. He moved slowly toward her. She adjusted her stance and tightened her grip on the razor sharp blade. A crude and overall ineffective grip, one he could disarm in mere seconds, but what she lacked in knowledgeable talent she made up in determination.

“You’re safe, Taryn,” he said removing his tactical vest and lying it on the table she’d once occupied. “I’m not going to hurt you.”

“Stay back,” she rasped.

“I can’t. You need an IV and to let Doc finishing checking you over.”

She shook her head. “No.” Her free hand groped along the wall as if seeking support and stability. He knew it hurt her given it happened to be the same side as her shoulder injury.

“Yes. Come on.” Another step towards her brought the scalpel up another notch. “You’re safe, Taryn. No one is going to hurt you.”

“My name…”

“Yes.” He scrambled to recall one of the men’s names. “Geoff said your name was Taryn.”

The hand gripping her impromptu weapon wobbled. “Are…are they okay?”

Her concern for them impressed him. “Yes.” Another step and she shook but neither the fear nor determination wavered. “I’m going to help you to the table, Taryn. You keep the scalpel and stab me if you have to. I won’t hurt you, but sweetheart, you’re about to collapse.”

“Don’t…call me sweetheart,” she said.

He did smile then before he positioned himself by her injured side giving her an unobstructed line of attack if she wanted to. Dangerous, yes, but he had to assure her he would not harm her. Sure, he could disarm her but somewhere beyond the wall of ice around his heart, he wanted her to trust him. Like a young girl from long ago did.

What is wrong with me?

She stiffened at his touch but didn’t pull away. As before, she felt right against him. He assisted her to the table and on to it, sliding his tactical vest toward the end. The bruising on her face broke his heart.

“I need to get you on an IV. I’ll get Doc.”

“No. You.”

He could hear her plea. Her tenuous trust went only as far as him. Galen licked his lips and nodded. With a harsh breath, he gathered the required items and sat down before her. Head dipped he began to sterilize her arm. There was strength below her skin. He’d just slid the needle beneath her skin when the scalpel clattered to the floor. Thumb securing the item in place he jerked his head up, unsure if she’d lost consciousness or not.

She hadn’t however, her brown eyes were wide and a bit unfocused.

“You okay, sweetheart?”

“Bane?” His heart stopped. “Can it be?” Then she passed out, only his quick reaction stopping her from hitting hard. He used one arm to guide her slowly to lie down. His hands shook, actually shook, as he taped the IV in place.


Copyright © Aliyah Burke, 2011.


All Rights Reserved.  

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