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With This Ring


Series: Denim & Spurs ~ Book 1

Publisher: Twisted E Publishing

September 2014

ISBN #: B00N95UZ9E

Genre: Contemporary/Western


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A man whose wedding day was destroyed by betrayal meets a woman from his past who begins to renew his belief in true love and with her in his life, he may be willing to try that step once again.

Rancher Dustin Kane is working on turning his cattle ranch, the Diamond J, into a strictly cutting one. After calling off his wedding on the day of, he meets a woman who is looking for a bracelet. She’s different and he can’t recall her but she claims they’ve met before. By the time she leaves him, he’s more intrigued and wants to see her again.

Samantha ‘Finn’ Finley had returned to Branchwater, Texas for the sole purpose of helping out her injured father. Running into the man she’s loved since high school was never part of the plan. She soon discovers that what may be her plans may just be working in their own way.

The days pass with her seeing quite a bit of him as she works on his ranch, doing his farrier work. Even after she’s done there, he keeps coming around and they grow closer. When it comes time for her to leave, will Dustin be able to let her return to her life on the East Coast or will he do all he can to get her to come back to where she belongs, home…with him?


Content below is not suitable if under 18.

“There you are, boy, all fixed up.” She patted the muscular rump of the sorrel Quarter Horse as she allowed him to put his hoof back down. The gelding snorted, trying unsuccessfully to turn his head. “Give me a few boy and I’ll get you back to your stall.”
Tools down, she unhooked him from the double ties, which held him after snapping on the lead rope. Bobbing his head, he pawed at the floor.
“Come on boy.” He nudged her pocket after she removed his halter once they reached his stall. “Sweetie, I don’t know if you’re allowed sugar cubes.”
“He’s allowed.”
The words came on a deep masculine timbre, which stroked along her skin and set her heart to pounding so much faster. She had dreams about this voice and the man who wielded it with devastating ease. Dustin Kane. Dreams not even moving across the country could assuage.
She took a moment, paying attention to the equine before her. Digging into her pocket, she withdrew the sought for sugar. Velvet soft lips plucked it from her palm with a feather light touch. Then she glanced over her shoulders and promptly lost her breath.
She’d not seen him since the night she’d fallen on her posterior before him. Then—aside from being a klutz—she looked a bit more put together. Today, she was sweaty, dirty, and smelled of horse.
“You didn’t tell me, Samantha Finley, who you were.”
Leaving the stall, ensuring to secure it after her, she shrugged. “Didn’t think it mattered. I told you we’d met before.”
Dustin watched her intently from below the brim of his worn cowboy hat. It wasn’t new that he’d just picked off the rack to impress a woman, no, his obviously well worn with signs of miles traveled on it. Dropping her gaze, she worked her way up his body. Broken-in boots poked out from the legs of well-fit jeans. His tucked in shirt molded to his chest in ways, which highlighted every defined muscle, sleeves barely containing powerful arms. A large belt buckle glinted in the light.
She was in trouble. He had the most incredible eyes. A deep royal blue. Intense. And often a contributor to her numerous dreams of him.
He cleared his throat. “Thanks for coming out.”
“Job’s a job.” She began packing up her tools, grateful it gave her a new focal point.
“You coming back tomorrow?”
Hands on hips, she glanced up at him. “I don’t know. Am I?”
He crossed his arms. “Connor said your work was perfect and the horses respond well to you. Says you have a way with them.”
“Pointless on being a farrier if you don’t get along with horses.” His gaze tracked her as she swept up the clippings. She did her best to ignore it but he didn’t make it easy. “You want me, I’m here.” The second the words were out, she realized how they sounded. Flashing to his face, she gauged his expression.



Copyright © Aliyah Burke, 2014.

All Rights Reserved.





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