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The Wedding Snafu

Series: Lucy Kevin’s Four Weddings & a Fiasco KindleWorlds series

Publisher: KindleWorlds Publishing
May 2016

Genre: Contemporary/Interracial
Format: Ebook



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She’s a stand-in groomsman and he’s the best man who can’t keep his eyes off her…

Donal O’Keefe is aware that although he’s the best man at his friend’s wedding, in truth this is more of a dry run for his wedding, if the mother of the bride has anything to say about it. He’s the CFO for a gaming company and has little time to think of marriage, much less to a woman he barely dates. A call from another groomsman has him waiting for the little sister of the man who will be running late. She’s filling in for her brother until he arrives.

Mindy Watkins isn’t quite sure how she got into this situation. A trip to visit her brother has turned into a snafu. Now she has to hang out with the groomsmen until he arrives. What she doesn’t count on is falling for the best man. Determined not to ruin anything she fights the attraction best she can. However, weddings are magical times and although it may not seem like it at the time, things happen for a reason.

With his spiteful ex-girlfriend, snobbish parents, and her overprotective older brother, will these two ever be able to find their own happily ever after?

Content below is not suitable if under 18.


Donal was impressed there was food on her plate. Not just a piece of fruit. She had a meal of eggs, bacon, flapjacks, fruit, and more. Salting her potatoes, she said, “Morning, gentlemen.” She reached for the ketchup and squeezed it on her plate. “I had the itinerary slid under my door, and I see today is golf. It also said I was paired with you two and Roland. I see Rory is with another group. I’ll tell you, now, I’m not as good as my brother, but I can play.”
“Works for me,” Tim said easily.
Too easily.
Donal kept his silence as they ate. She worked on her cinnamon bun when Porscha walked up with the two bridesmaids who doted on her the way Porscha did Tiffany. The four of them—Tiffany was part of the group as well—were bitches. He had no illusions about that. She was spoiled rotten and expected people to pamper her. Him included.
Still, his hackles rose when the bridesmaids sneered at Mindy.
“We saw what you ate; are you sure that’s smart for you? Those carbs might not be such a good idea.”
Donal narrowed his gaze. Mindy held up a section of the gooey bun.
“Well, I’m playing golf today, so I’ll be outside exercising while you sit in a chair at the spa. So, for me, its fine; for you, I can understand the worry. It may give you an ass. However, I would have your waxer really focus on your face. I see some unsightlies which may really ruin those wedding pics.” She popped the bite in her mouth and groaned with pleasure. “You don’t know what you’re missing.”
He sipped some juice to hide his reaction to her sounds.
“I never,” Porscha gasped.
“Obviously. Have a nice day.” Mindy held her gaze until Porscha broke the connection, only to leave in a huff.
Tim laughed, and even Rory joined in. She didn’t bask in their attention or speak on it more, merely letting it go.
Donal couldn’t deny how intrigued she made him.
Forty-five minutes later, they were out at their carts. Donal had already claimed Mindy to ride with him. He slid behind the wheel and waited for her to take her seat. As she did, he watched both his father and the man who, if his parents had their way, would be his father-in-law approach.


Copyright © Aliyah Burke, 2016.

All Rights Reserved.


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