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Series: Cottonwood Falls ~ Book 5

Publisher: Sensual Romance Publishing
March 2015

Genre: Contemporary/Interracial
Format: Ebook



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When you slow it all down, you’re allowed to savor.

Piers Cuyper is a single father. His son, having withdrawn since his mother’s death, needs a teacher who will bring out the best in him. Piers found that teacher in London Rhymes. But that wasn’t all he found in her.

London Rhymes loved teaching the children of Cottonwood Falls. Her steadfast rule of not getting involved with one of her students parents went by the wayside when she met Piers. He could be everything she’d ever possibly want but will she allow herself the chance?

Content below is not suitable if under 18.

London harrumphed as she stared at the women around her. “Y’all are crazy; you know that, don’t you?”

Sarah Mallery and Kendria Bonher shared a glance before shrugging with false innocence then laughing even harder.

“I fail to see what’s so funny,” London griped.

“Do you ever take your head out of your comic books?” Sarah asked, eyes sparkling.

“Only when I’m teaching, and why does it sound dirty coming from your mouth?”

“Because life is more than the Surface League.”

“Justice League,” London corrected immediately.

“Whatever.” Sarah rolled her eyes. “Help me out here, Kendria.”

Vance’s fiancée toasted them with her lemonade. “I want to hear more of the hot ass man who demanded you teach his son. Not Hawkgirl, Black Cat, or whatever their names are.”

London heaved a sigh. “Shameful.” She ate the last bite of her banana cream pie then forked up the few remaining chocolate shavings. “So, I didn’t know he was one of those fake wrestlers.”

Sarah and Kendria shared another look before laughing all over again. “My God, girl,” Sarah said. “You are truly oblivious. But you know about what character has what abilities.”

Unrepentant, London shrugged. “That interests me. I’m a nerd. A geek. Fake wrestling with grown men hitting one another with chairs and forms of stupidity mean nothing to me.”

“He’s not a wrestler,” Kendria informed her, grabbing at her sides she laughed so hard.

London waved a hand. “Right, he retired.”

“Lord love a duck.” Sarah shook her head. “He was a MMA fighter.”

“Fighter. Wrestler. Whatever. They’re in a cage or ring. Trying to beat the snot out of someone else.”

“It’s pointless,” Kendria announced. “She’s not going to get the significance.” She took another drink, and her large engagement ring on her hand flashed in the sun streaming in the café’s window. “She’s utterly clueless about this.”

Happily so. “Why’s it important?” she asked her friends. “He’s retired, so, right now, he’s a father.” London did her best to ignore the spirals of heat that grew in her every time she thought about him.

“Because he’s single, and you’re teaching his child.”

“Sarah. I’m not about to get involved with one of my students’ fathers.”

“Not one of. Him. Christ, have you seen his body? Can you sit there and honestly say you’ve not thought about what being in his arms would be like?” Sarah rotated the cup in her hand.

Okay, so she couldn’t say that. “So, he’s hot.” They both raised their eyebrows at her. “He is. I won’t lie. But he’s off limits.”

Kendria gazed past her. “We’ll see.”

The overflow of amusement in her gaze combined with the deep tissue shiver that overtook London told her who neared. I will not turn. No matter how much she craved to lay eyes upon him.

Turned out she didn’t have to for he walked by their table. She could smell his aftershave—rich, masculine, sexy. Yummy.


Copyright © Aliyah Burke, 2015.

All Rights Reserved.


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