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Series: Cottonwood Falls ~ Book 1

Publisher: Sensual Romance Publishing
December 2014

ISBN #: 9781311544261
Genre: Contemporary/Interracial
Format: Ebook



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Not everything new is best

Tobias Latner has come home to buy up property and build a new mall. With the misguided belief it will be best for the town, he’s shocked by the amount of resistance he receives. More than that, he’s shaken by the intense attraction he feels to one of the residents.

Dr. Melinda Glazer comes home when her father is diagnosed with cancer, to work the clinic so it doesn’t have to close. Her lust for Toby Latner is a distraction she feels she can move beyond if she gets it out of her blood. She doesn’t realize how wrong she is, nor how relentless the businessman can be when he sets his sights on something he wants.


Content below is not suitable if under 18.

Melinda drove along the darkened street toward the town square. She needed to think and that would be one of the best places to do so. At her parents’, she knew her father would be waiting for her explanation about her behavior. Her items would be delivered, and she would not be at their place but a small one-bedroom on the outskirts of Cottonwood Falls.
No matter how long she’d been away, the small center of the town square had always been a favorite of hers. She parked and opened the door. The mugginess attached to her skin like suction cups from a cephalopod.
“Best get used to it,” she muttered, heels clacking on the sidewalk as she strode to a bench. Not clad in the best park-sitting attire, she didn’t care. Right now, she needed the peace.
She sat and rotated her ankles, running over the situation. It wasn’t that she’d had to come home. That had been a niggling thought for a while now.
No, this was about learning her father had been diagnosed with cancer. About her putting herself together before facing them. Before heading to the clinic this evening, she’d had dinner with a girl she’d gone to school with, Hermione Windsor. That was the reason for her being dressed up. Normally, she would have been at the clinic in scrubs.
Now, all that remained was heading home. The hand covering her mouth trembled, and she lowered it to her lap. At work, she had mastered the art of hiding her pain, yet after she hung up the white jacket and changed, she reverted back to a little girl petrified of losing her father.
She pinched the bridge of her nose before sighing again. “Buck up, Glazer. Can’t spend the night in the town square.”
“I can think of a few people who would frown upon that. Mrs. Traveler, for one.”
She started at the rich, masculine voice. When his face registered, she groaned. Why did it have to be him?
“I’m in no mood to deal with you, Mr. Latner.”
He didn’t take the hint. Instead, he sat beside her, leg aligning intimately to hers. Her deep breath imbued her senses with an intoxicating mixture of sandalwood, patchouli, and a scent she had no doubt belonged solely to Toby.
“I’m sorry to hear about your father.”
She scoffed. “So much so you keep pestering him to sell?”
“I am offering him a damn good deal.”
“Bullshit,” she snapped. “Just because it’s a small town doesn’t mean we’re stupid. He’s not selling, and we don’t want your Goddamn strip mall here.”
He tensed and angled himself in her direction. “What do you have against bringing in jobs to help the people of Cottonwood Falls, Melinda?”
“My name is Dr. Glazer.” Her response, she pushed between clenched teeth as she got to her feet. “And, I have nothing against creating jobs except when—as is in this case—it takes away the livelihoods that have been passed down through generations.”
Her father’s reprimand for her lack of manners rang loud in her mind, but she didn’t care.
“They will have more money than they know what to do with,” he retorted.
“You don’t get it, do you?” She stomped away, only to be whirled back.
He snagged her around the waist as she tottered on her heels from the expedited pivot.
“What? Don’t get what?”
“We like the lives we have here. I don’t want to shop in some huge national chain store where people there have no clue about me, because you damn well know they won’t bring in locals to be the main workers, especially when they are older. They’ll want younger workers. New ones who have no clue about me. I don’t want that when I can just go to Ike’s Grocery and get my food as well as find out how his wife is doing and his kids. Grandkids, also.”
“They can still do that. I’m building businesses.”
“No,” she growled. “You’re destroying them.”
The taction of his hard body against hers kicked her mind down a road—one she had no need to be on—like a field goal kicker going for his PAT. Even so, she had to draw back to keep from pressing so intimately against him.
“Do you mind?” She pushed against the arm anchoring them together.
“Not at all. I love holding a gorgeous woman against me.” He tugged her closer still, brushing his hard length along her belly a few times before settling against her core.
“An ass, one minute, and trying to hit on me, the next.” Disgust laced her tone.
“Trust me, Mellie.” He whispered her name as if it were the most decadent piece of chocolate he’d ever tasted. “This is not me hitting on you.” His lips brushed along hers with a feathery caress that succeeded in birthing a well of craving within her. “Care to know the difference?”


Copyright © Aliyah Burke, 2014.

All Rights Reserved.


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