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One Cold Night


Publisher: Twisted E-Publishing
Feb 2018

Genre: Contemporary/Interracial
Format: Ebook & Print



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Heat sizzles during the winter…

John Prince has been undercover for the ATF for over two years when his cover’s blown. His rescuer comes in the female form and goes by the name Leena. Their attraction is hot enough to melt the snow outside but he has to wonder—are the ones who set him up for death still after him?

Leena Parsons prefers dogs to people. Regardless, she can’t leave the man she finds in an icy river to die, so she takes him home. During their days and nights together, she learns about the man who’d been betrayed by some of his own. She falls for John and when danger arrives, she puts herself in harm’s way to ensure that he isn’t killed.

He’d lied to her about his last name, thrust her into danger, and yet through it all, she was at his side. When it’s all over, will he be able to hold onto the woman who’d found him one cold night?

Content below is not suitable if under 18.


When she woke, it was dark out. She was surrounded by heat and didn’t want to move. A man’s hands were underneath her shirt, spanning her waist. Callused skin teased hers. She bit back a whimper as she sorted out whose touch was creating such havoc in her system.

She jerked her lids open and found her sexy stranger lying there, staring at her, those grey eyes darker even than the first time she’d seen them. Her gut clenched with pure, raw craving.

“Hi,” she muttered.

His hands flexed on her, sending more impulses of electricity through her to pool at her core. He didn’t speak right away, just stared. The intensity such she nearly squirmed from the power.


His voice was deep and rasped, remnants of his being sick and probably just because he was graced with a sexy as sin voice, created for getting the panties off women.

“Me.” She blinked. Wasn’t sure he did. “Since we’ve established that, who are you?”

At her back one of the dogs shifted and she was content she was safe. Safer than she probably realized because he didn’t strike her as the man who would hurt her. Not with how protective he’d sounded earlier when he had asked if she was in danger.


She cocked a brow. “Please don’t tell me your last name is Smith.”

A quirk of his bow shaped lips was his only reaction. “No. Mattheson.” He inched closer, a minute distance really but given her visceral response to him, it was monumental.

“Okay then, John Mattheson, what the f*** were you doing in that river and why are you naked?”

Those eyes of his turned to molten steel. “Usually if I’m naked in bed with a woman, she’s well aware as to why I’m naked.”

“Slow down there, cowboy, I don’t think you’re well enough to ride this. I was talking about you being naked in that freezing water. And the burn marks and other wounds I took care of for you.”

A change came over him, like the memories were streaming in without a damn to slow them. His gaze hardened and she saw how capable of a fighter he would be.


Copyright © Aliyah Burke, 2018.

All Rights Reserved.


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