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Series: Cottonwood Falls ~ Book 6

Publisher: Sensual Romance Publishing
June 2015

Genre: Contemporary/Interracial
Format: Ebook



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Two people whose intensity for one another may be their downfall…or heaven.

Grey Sorenson, Navy SEAL, has had a thing for Sarah for years. Problem is when they’re together the sparks they put off aren’t all good.

Sarah Mallery loves serving in the USMC. Her life would be perfect if not for the SEAL who makes her want to hit him one second and kiss him the next. A mission throws them together, will things get worked out after this or will more obstacles fall in their way of a happily ever after?


Content below is not suitable if under 18.

She ground her jaw. “Let’s get this job over with.” She cracked her neck, emotions once again under lock and key. With a nod to her guys she shouldered her bag and left the room.
Sarah held her piece as they were driven from the base to a private jet then on to their hotel. Even in the elevator she kept her comments brief and professional. All of that dropped the moment they were alone in the hotel room.
The suite was large and her eyes danced toward the large king size bed on a pedestal. Backing from the bedroom, she shut the door and turned to find Grey staring hungrily at her.
“What the hell are you doing here, Grey?”
He shrugged out of his leather jacket, tossing it to a nearby chair. “Following orders.”
“Bullshit.” Her nipples tightened as she recalled how it felt with his hands skimming along her skin. Her pussy clenched with a raw need. “There are any number of SEALs who could be here. Hell, the guys I work with for that matter could pull off being my husband.”
Green took precedent in his eyes as he strolled toward her. Large. Predatory. Dangerous.
“So you think I wouldn’t step in the role of playing your husband?” His southern accent took over, making her knees weak. Man could talk her out of her clothing with that accent, in fact he had many a time.
“I don’t think anything.”
“It’s not like it’s a farce, Sarah.” He moved even closer until the scent that screamed Grey surrounded her. “Or have you forgotten?”
Her mind rebelled from the most basic of functions. Breathing became a chore. All she wanted to do was touch. Get naked and touch him because she dame sure well knew how that would play out.
“Well, have you, Sarah? Have you conveniently put it out of your mind that I’m still legally your husband?”


Copyright © Aliyah Burke, 2015.

All Rights Reserved.


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