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Series: Cottonwood Falls ~ Book 7

Publisher: Sensual Romance Publishing
Feb 2017

Genre: Contemporary/Interracial
Format: Ebook


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Sometimes the flames aren't meant to be put out.


Content below is not suitable if under 18.

Bastian poured himself some coffee, using one of the overturned mugs. Adding a liberal dose of sugar and cream, he stirred it until the liquid appeared properly mixed. Not exactly the welcome I would have expected from my own grandfather after fifteen years of absence. Perhaps a hug or a pat on the shoulder, but no, true to form he’s ornery and sharp as a razor. Friendly as one too.
He took a drink and swallowed. “You said you needed my help. I’m here. What with?”
“I promise friend you help.”
An itch between his shoulder blades was born and grew as quickly as a fire could turn. “Doing what?”
He shrugged, and Bastian groaned.
“Very well. Where is your friend?”
His grandfather pointed, and Bastian turned in the seat to see. The same woman he’d held the door for was on her way back outside.
Facing his Pops again, he lifted one eyebrow. “Really? You befriended a young black woman?”
“Why shocked? I no racist.”
“Because you’re an old crotchety ass.”
His lips thinned below his mustache. “Go talk. Her name, Jazz.”
Bastian finished his drink and pushed to his feet. Suspicious? Definitely. His Pops used to speak English well. I’m going to regret this. He slowed on his way to the door, pausing once to glance over his shoulder. The old man shooed him along with an impatient gesture. Back outside, Bastian maneuvered behind her. The phone was back to her ear.
“Because I’m not happy, Regina. I’m not even sure what his grandson looks like. I’m surrounded by hillbillies.”
He cleared his throat. She turned slowly before her eyes widened as she gazed him over.
“I have to go,” she muttered, then returned the phone to her pocket. “Can I help you?”
Her voice was husky with an accent that was familiar, but he couldn’t quite place, at the moment.
He almost smiled. “I believe I’m the hillbilly supposed to help you.”


Copyright © Aliyah Burke, 2017.

All Rights Reserved.


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