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Kincade’s Rose


Series: Megalodon Team~ Book 1

Publisher: Lulu

December 2008

ISBN #: 978-0-557-02858-0

Genre: Contemporary



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Navy SEAL Tyson Kincade was proud of his emotional control.  So how, with one glimpse of the voluptuous sepia beauty sitting alone, all that sanity and control disappeared like waves receding from the beach?  From the first moment they touched he knew…he never wanted to let her go.

                Ever want to ignore the voice of reason and have that fling with the handsome man you met on vacation?  Jayde Porter did.  From the second her eyes landed on his tanned muscular body. Then she ran into him, literally.  An encounter which led to a scorching kiss, dinner and—marriage?  Her life was in chaos.

                Exploding plane, night jumping, and jungle dangers Jayde knew that to survive she would have to trust the man she married. 

Can he make her understand they were meant to be together or will they be kept apart by circumstances surrounding them?  Together if Tyson has a say in it, for the amazing woman he married is…



Content below is not suitable if under 18.


“You’re rocking back and forth little rose.”  Tyson’s voice reached her from where he lounged on the bed.  “Why are you scared?  I will be there if you need me.”

Running her soft hand over her face Jayde answered, “I’m not scared.”

“You always rock back and forth when you are scared.  I have learned that about you,” he told her.

She turned her head and met his gaze, her own eyes growing sultry.  “What else have you learned about me?”  One of her fingers trailed down the thick collar of her robe.

He crooked his index finger at her.  “I’ve learned many, many things about you.”

“Like?” she prompted even as she approached him slowly.

“Like, chocolate tastes even better when it’s eaten off your silken skin.  That you are ticklish behind your knees.”  Tyson sat up and removed his shirt bearing what God gave him to her eager eyes.

“Dear God you’re fine.”  Her husky admission filled his ears.  She was drawn to him as if by an invisible string. 

Tyson slid to the edge of the bed and brought her between his legs.  His hands lingered on the white sash which kept his gaze from its treasure.  “And you are stunning.”

“What else do you know about me?” Jayde asked.

He looked up at her.  Her hair fell over one shoulder and he reached up to touch it.  “I know you love to rock-climb.  I know you love to paint.  I know you sing in the shower, and hum when you are concentrating.”  He pulled on the tie of the robe exposing her naked body to his eyes.

“I know you purr when you are about to have an explosive orgasm.  I know how your body reacts to my every touch.  How your nipples harden just by me looking at you like this.” His voice was a low timbre of seduction.


Copyright © Aliyah Burke, 2008.

All Rights Reserved.


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