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Greeley's Spyce


Series: Megalodon Team~ Book 4

Publisher: Lulu

October 2008

ISBN #: 978-0-557-01286-2

Genre: Contemporary




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Megalodon Team Members Profiles


Ernst Zimmermann’s life changed with a touch. The woman with satin skin, the color of coffee with a splash of cream in it, was the one. At thirty-four, he had believed he was perfectly happy with his life as a Navy Seal.

At thirty-four, Koali “Kacy” Travis has a thriving electrical business. Friendship was about as committed as she wanted to be with men. Up until the day her life intervened with the blond Caucasian, whose mere contact ignited something she thought dead within her.

From a night on the beach in Hawaii, to their homes in Virginia, Ernst pursues this woman, resolute that they belong together.

Kacy, reluctant to have faith in a man again means Ernst must fight to gain her absent trust and ultimately her love.

Every life needs some flavor in it and Ernst is bound and determined to prove to Kacy she is the one. After all, she is…



Content below is not suitable if under 18.


Blushing I took a sip of her drink and asked, “So what do you do Mr. Zimmermann?”

Absorbing the sight of the woman across from him he said, “I’m in the Navy.”

“I see. Do you like it?”

I smiled. “I thank God everyday I get to do what I do.”

The noise in the bar area increased. They both looked and saw that a pool game was beginning between two guys. Over the noise I said, “I’m glad to hear that.”

His blond brows narrowed and he wondered, “Why?”

Setting down her fork I leaned in closer to him so she wouldn’t have to yell and told him, “You risk your life for me. If you love your job then you do it well and that…makes me feel even more safe.”

Moving closer he responded, “For all you know I could work in admin.”

“Doesn’t matter. It’s all important. Although I don’t see you shuffling papers,” she winked.

He was intrigued. “What do you see me doing?”

Me. Her brown eyes grew two shades darker before she brought herself under control. “I see you—”


Copyright © Aliyah Burke, 2008.

All Rights Reserved.


Reviews of  Greeley's Spyce

Nellie at Joyfully Reviewed gives a Joyfully Recommended and says in part: “Greeley's Spyce was so refreshing in terms of richness in content and scenarios. I was drawn into the emotions and heartaches of the main characters,”


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