New Release ~ Labor of Love Anthology

September 4th, 2017

Happy Monday,

So I have a lot of releases this month. First up is the release today, Labor of Love:10 Anecdotes of Love and the Struggles Within. This is a collection of 10 stories by myself and Dahlia Rose, Reana Malori, Angela Kay Austin, Hadley Raydeen, Leila Lacey, Raven Starr, Cordelia Michelsen, Jaimie Lyne Sanderson, and Autumn Latimore.


We all experienced Love of some sort and know there are some struggles that come with. This Anthology is 10 such shorts for your enjoyment.
•Operation- Ball N’ Chain – Aliyah Burke: This short read takes place after Intensity which is book 6 in my Cottonwood Falls series.
•Beale Street Blues -Angela Kay Austin: Darling Crawford lost the man she loved to another woman. Returning to her parents was bad enough, but returning home broke, divorced, and jobless is awful. Right about now she just needs to have fun. A man with a sexy southern drawl. A strong drink. A night of dancing. What happens on Beale Street stays on Beale Street, right?
•Dirty Mechanic – Benson Jacobs
•Love Between the Lines – Callie Fletcher
•The Mend – Cordelia Michelsen: Two broken people, who share a connected past. Their issues soon become a tangled web when they are thrown together under odd circumstances, to carry out the restoration of an inherited lake house. What neither of them expected was the restoration of their souls after so many years spent lost and alone. Follow the epic love story of Shaye and Abe in The Mend.
•Fall from Grace- Dahlia Rose Grace Kyle fell in love and fell in love hard for an older sexy soldier. Even though she knew it was a bad idea. She was part of the group sending humanitarian aid out Ecuador after a brutal storm and mudslide. Grace met him on base in Lawton Oklahoma and it was a hot and heavy month-long affair with Major Oliver Mason. “It’s been fun Grace, but we knew this didn’t have a future…” she didn’t hear the rest of his words because his words broke her heart. Pride made her turn on her heels and leave before he saw her tears and she went back to Eugene Oregon with a broken heart and a vow to forget him. One year later as the holidays approached, a knock on her door brought all those memories to life. Oliver stood at her doorstep, handsome as sin in his uniform with his hat in his hands. He begged her to forgive him, she was the only thing the thought about in the last year and he tried like hell to find her. But it fell on deaf ears because Grace vowed never to be hurt again by anyone. The sweet woman he fell for was gone, she buried that naivety and while he vowed he’d put in the work to win her back. She promised him and herself she would thwart his effort. But his kisses still made her sizzle and the passion they shared never dulled. Now she was the one saying it was for fun and games, except now there may be something that connects them forever. It would be a labor of love to win her back and Oliver was not one to step away from a challenge.
•For You I Will- Hadley Raydeen: Callie Johnson has worked as the Office Manager at Harmon and Associates, a top law firm in the city for a number of years. She runs the office smoothly and without being second guessed. The Managing Partner, Paul Harmon, trusted her to take care of the office, while he tended to the law. When Paul takes a leave of absence, due to health reasons, and leaves his duties to his protégé, Daniel Morrow, he and Callie immediately bump heads. The two should be considered equals, but Daniel seems to like to throw his weight around. When the firm gets bad news, Daniel and Callie must work together to keep the firm going or it will be ripped out from them both. Can they find a way to work together in harmony or will they see themselves both in the unemployment line?

•Something to Build On- Leila Lacey
•Broken Soul- Raven Starr: This is the beginning of Immokalee’s journey of pain and loss while trying to survive, Immokalee, Tumbling Water, must learn path to truly find herself.
•Promise Me- Reana Malori

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September 3rd, 2017

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Saturday Selection ~ Whom the Gods Love by M.M. Perry

September 2nd, 2017

So I’ve definitely fallen off this posting wagon the past few months. Been reading, just haven’t been posting. I apologize about that. Here we go:

This is a new author to me, M.M. Perry and I’m completely looking forward to reading this one. Love a woman who isn’t afraid to battle. @MM_Perry ? thank you for this!

51BXxPvMVdLWhen Cass draws her blade, nothing can stop her. Except maybe a god.

Cass is eager to help when she is called. Gunnarr is eager to help Cass. When he suggests they go on a mission together, she’s pleased the big man noticed her. Unfortunately, the gods have taken notice as well, and that spells trouble for them both.

Tasked with a noble entreaty, Cass and Gunnarr set out with a group of friends on a harrowing adventure. It will take more than harpies, giant spiders and ogres to stop them from getting the job done, but the gods are far more dangerous than any of their creations. Certain death lurks at the end of this quest.

As Cass and Gunnarr close in on their goal, and to each other, it becomes clear a terrible choice must be made. Cass must decide what’s more important to her, the love of a good man, or the life she’s trying to save. Can she escape her fate?


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Guest Author – Nan O’Berry – Teaser Tuesday

July 25th, 2017

Happy Tuesday, y’all! Hope all is going well as we head into the final days of July.

Today I have guest author, Nan O’Berry, who just had a release come out dealing in and around the Pony Express. So, for all those historical lovers, check it out!


Hi all,
I want to thank Aliyah Burke for allowing me a bit of her space.
I’m Nan O’Berry. I write contemporary and historical sweet romances. I am thrilled to have a indie release called Always, Clay. Clay is a pony express rider for Three Rivers Station. He and several other riders will be sharing their stories in six books written by myself and Reina Torres.
Check out Always, Clay.
Always Clay ebook cover
The Express took men and rode them hard across the West. That adventuring spirit belonged to the men, full of life, ready for whatever met them on the trail, everything, except for love.
Clay Adams longs for a place to fit in. He finds one with the Hawkins family and the express, but a chance meeting in the general store changes his goals. A soft smile, a single hello has him wanting to see the daughter of a rancher and wondering if it’s possible to fall in love at first sight?
Emma Rawlings, the only daughter of the Rawlings family, wants to begin the big adventure of carving out a ranch with her soul mate. She meets one of the express riders at the general store. His soft spoken tone and nod of his head sends her heart to flutter. Could he be the one?
Life in the Wild West is never simple. Someone is bent on causing trouble for the Express and Clay is caught in the cross-hairs. Ambushed, shot, and left for dead, Clay must find his way back to Emma, but has he the right to bring Emma into such a dangerous union or is family something that he’ll just never have?
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July 23rd, 2017