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October 15th, 2017

Marianne Williamson - New Beginnings

Stolen and Forgiven by Alexandra Ivy & Carrie Ann Ryan

October 14th, 2017

Paranormal this week. Yay! Love both of these authors. @CarrieAnnRyan and @AlexandraIvy This is the first in a new series: Branded Packs series.


The first rule of being Alpha of the Canine Pack is to protect their secrets from the humans at all cost. One look at the dying human at his doorstep and Holden Carter knows he will have to break it. The broken woman with no hope at survival is his mate. When he forces the change on her to save her life, he not only sets forth motions that could risk both their lives, but the lives of every shifter in the world.

Ariel Sands grew up in a post-Verona infection world and under the care of the very humans she thought had cured the disease. When they betray her in the worst ways imaginable, she finds herself not only mated to the Alpha of a the very species she’s been taught to fear, but the focal point of a traitor and path to destruction for everyone’s way of life. It will take more than trust and a mating bond for Ariel and Holden to not only survive their enemies, but the burn of their own temptations.


Soren Slater is a Beta wolf who understands that duty to his Pack comes before his own needs. At a young age he takes a position as a liaison between his Pack and the other species of shifters. He never expected his enticing flirtations with Cora Wilder, a Tiger Princess, would encourage her cat to consider him a potential mate. He’s forced to walk away, choosing a partner among the wolves to try and strengthen his Pack.

Cora has no intention of forgiving or forgetting Soren’s rejection. Not even when the Packs are forced to live together and she discovers Soren’s former mate has died. But then, she’s kidnapped by the SAU and she has no choice but to work with Soren to escape. Together they must put the past behind them if they’re to survive the human’s evil plot.

Sunday Sentiments ~ New Beginnings quote

October 8th, 2017


Saturday Selection ~ Healed by Love by Melissa Foster

October 7th, 2017

Happy October,

Starting off this month with a contemporary romance. Book 1 in The Bradens at Peaceful Harbor series by @Melissa_Foster


Nate Braden has loved his best friend’s younger sister Jewel for as long as he can remember, but between their age difference and his respect for Rick, he’s always kept his feelings at bay. Now he’s back in Peaceful Harbor, and Jewel is no longer sixteen years old–but there’s an even bigger obstacle standing in his way. Nate and Rick joined the military together eight years earlier. Nate came home a hero, but Rick didn’t make it out alive

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October 6th, 2017

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Sunday Sentiments ~ New Beginnings quote

October 1st, 2017


Saturday Selection ~ Rescued by a Highlander by Keira Montclair

September 30th, 2017

I love that with my large TBR pile I’m finally getting to try some of these authors that are new to me. Here’s another one. @KeiraMontclair

This is Book 1 in her Clan Grant series and lets face it, Highlanders and just flippin’ sexy as all get out.


**WARNING** Mature content- Contains references to abuse and a previous rape that may be disturbing for some readers.

Madeline MacDonald has been a victim of her stepbrother’s cruelty ever since her parents’ death in a fire two years ago. Forced into a betrothal to a man she hates, her only way out is to escape to a convent.
Laird Alexander Grant is honor bound to rescue Maddie after seeing the bruises on her face. What he doesn’t realize is that once he holds the beaten lass in his arms, his heart will never be the same. He vows revenge for the abuse she was forced to endure and yearns to make the sweet woman with an iron will his, but can he help her fight the demons in her mind left behind by her abusers’ horrid treatment?

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September 24th, 2017


Saturday Selection ~ Hell Gate by Peter Tonkin

September 23rd, 2017

Another new to me author and one I’m excited to try, @petertonkin50

I for one, love my thrillers, so toss in the Spetznaz and stolen weapons, yep, I’m so there.

519kvoOf6FL._AC_US327_QL65_Straight into a trap…

Eamonn O’Hanlon, a local to the Ballymore area of Ireland, is trying to charm a young American-Irish lady named Mary-Ann.

However, just as things seem to be going Eamonn’s way, a bullet pierces him and continues on to pass through the chest of Mary-Ann, killing them both.

Why would someone kill these apparently innocent bystanders?

And who would do it in the first place?

The perpetrators realise the mistake of killing these two people, one of whom is a local who will surely be noticed missing, and are forced to clean up the scene.

Even though they cover their tracks and dispose of the bodies and the car, local investigators catch on to the disturbingly professional nature of the murders…

At the same time, Robert Mariner, the owner of a fleet of super-cat boats, is preparing for the wedding of his father-in-law, however their plans to sail across the channel on one of his boats for the ceremony are cut short by the news of the murders in Ireland.

As it turns out, a piece of climbing equipment, left by the murderers, is that which is used specifically by the SPETZNAZ, the Russian special forces.

An investigator remembers that his friend, Richard Mariner, has come into contact with this equipment.
But who are these people?

While the investigation is on-going, a brand new and very modern ship, the New England, pulls into Boston harbour in preparation for its maiden voyage.

While soaring across the ocean, they are contacted by a vessel, the Calcutta that has caught fire and is sinking rapidly with people still aboard.

As the closest ship nearby, the New England heads in their direction, only to realise upon rescuing those on the boat that it was all a trick.

With the ships now loaded with stolen weapons and explosives, what can be done to stop these terrorists and save the lives of those caught in the middle of an international political nightmare?

New Release ~ His Pryze to Claim

September 20th, 2017

Burke_Omega_2_HisPryzeAre you loving the Kindleworld stories? I am, it lets me get a taste of a new author. Anyway, I have a new one out in Desiree Holt’s Omega Team Kindleworld series. This one ties in with my last one, His Rysk to Take. The heroines are cousins.

A wedding, a car crash, and more heat than they know what to do with.

Liz Pryze is attending her cousin’s wedding where she meets the handsome best man. Sparks fly immediately but she’s determined to be on her best behavior and not proposition him. Not an easy task especially with the looks he’s been giving her all night.

Cullen O’Rourke is enamored by the bride’s cousin. Determined to get her alone, he offers to drive her when she’s recalled to work. The trip doesn’t go as planned when they’re rammed off the road and hunted. After she gets out of the hospital, together they figure out who’s after one of them and why. Being locked up with her in a cabin is the perfect time for him to claim his prize.