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First Meet – Spark

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2021

“Vance, this is Kendria. Kendria, Vance, the best mechanic in Cottonwood Falls.”

His blatant perusal of her only fanned the raging inferno surging unchecked. She licked her

lips, pleased at the way his gazed darkened as his pupils dilated.

“Vance,” he said, offering his hand.

“Not like I didn’t just get done saying that,” Sarah drolled. “I’m going to make myself

scarce, not that anyone here cares.”

Kendria put her hand in Vance’s, and her knees nearly buckled at the force of her visceral

reaction. Holy shit. “Kendria.”

Strong and callused, his grip engulfed hers.

“Where’s your car?”

His question rattled around for a moment before she had enough sense to respond. “Outside

of town about ten miles.”

“Let’s go take a look at it.” He released her hand and gestured to the tow truck parked by the



He held the door for her, and she shuddered as his masculine scent combined with the

freshness of a roaring waterfall floated around her.

“Just passing through?” he asked, hopping up behind the wheel.

“I was.”

“A shame. Cottonwood Falls is a great small town. Where are you heading?”

Her nerves kicked up, and she wrung her hands. He cleared her throat, and she forced herself

to hold still.

“Just making small talk, is all. Sorry to make you uncomfortable. I don’t bite.” He looked in

her direction with a grin dripping with sexuality and decadent promise. “Unless you ask me to.”

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Sometimes that first touch is the only spark needed


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Tuesday, February 23rd, 2021