First Meet – Holiday Surprise: Unwrapped – Free

“I hate the north, I hate the snow, I hate the cold, and goddamn it, I hate holidays that make people act like asses!” she hollered as she entered the master bedroom to retrieve her book she’d left in here this morning.

“I hate people who come screaming into a room and wake someone up!” a deep voice retaliated her statement.

A wail of terror rushed out of her throat filling the room. “Ahhhh!” Scrambling back out of the room, Kassia began searching for her cell phone. Call the cops. That phrase ran like a litany through her head. “I’m calling the cops!” she yelled as she dashed for the phone. The handset was jerked out of her hand before she could even complete dialing. Pathetic really considering it was three lousy numbers she had to hit. Well, one of them the same one twice and she still couldn’t pull it off.

“Who the hell are you?” The masculine tone demanded as he spun her toward him.

Kassia gulped as she stared at the man before her and was met by a solid muscular torso. Holy hell. Can I have one of him wrapped up for Christmas? She gawked at the man holding the phone tight in one large fist. He stood tall, about six-three. His head was covered in sandy-brown hair, cut short in the back and on the sides giving him a delightfully sexy, messy look. Slate eyes glared at her from below bushy brows.

Her eyes moved lower only to see again that bared chest. Kassia swallowed trying desperately to get moisture in her mouth. Calling the cops ceased to even be a memory. A wall of tanned skin faced her. Looking south she ogled over the lightly haired tanned torso, marred by numerous dark purple bruises. Her brows furrowed until her eyes slipped down a bit more.

Shit! Pointing in her direction was a fully erect cock. Jerking her gaze up, she met his and found humor lurking in it. And arrogance. “You’re naked!” she yelled.

“Well, doll, considering that’s how I sleep, it’s a good bet I’ll be that way when I jump outta bed because of a screeching harpy.” His thick drawl made her toes curl.

“Screeching harpy?”

“That’s what I said, sweets. Now, who the hell are you and what are you doing here?”







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