First Meet – Honest Deception

There in the break room on the counter were doughnuts left over by someone. They smelled so good, but all Trix did was get to the coffee pot and fix herself another mug. Adding the creamer and sugar, she stirred it in until she was content it was mixed enough for her.

Taking out the stir stick, she turned to throw it away and came face-to-face with the man she had just been thinking about. Troy Franklin. A heated blush warmed her entire body. “Evening, Mr. Franklin,” she muttered, tossing the piece of wood away.

His viridescent gaze caressed her body in a way that should have been outlawed. “Evening, Ms. Levy. Please call me Troy.” He flashed a brilliant smile of even white teeth. “We’ve worked together for almost a year now.”

She nodded her assent. “Troy it is.” Turning back around, she wrapped trembling hands around her mug. Blinking away hopefully any and all traces of the desire she felt for this man, Trix turned back around.


His mission is spying but his heart demands more, will she forgive his deception?






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