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Wednesday, February 17th, 2021

First Meet – His Tigress

Wednesday, February 17th, 2021

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The red flush of his embarrassment, leaked away, his brown skin unnaturally pale as he gazed over her shoulder. Whirling, she looked on as a man watched the two of them with murder in his eyes.

“Mine,” he growled, his canines lengthening. “You will pay for giving to him that which is mine,” he sliced his gaze to the boy. “And you will die.”

Now the scent of urine filled the air.

As disgusted as she was by what Pol was doing, it went against everything within her to stand there and let some stranger kill him. No matter how fucking sexy he was anyway. And dude had it going on.

He had dark chocolate hair, a chin she wanted to nibble on and flick her tongue along. What is wrong with me? Muscles were poured into his clothing and she ground her jaw as a wave of hunger slammed into her like the rain pounded the earth in her monsoon season.

Eyes locked on her, she made sure he watched her as she shifted lightly. “Go,” she ordered Pol.

Anger snapped in his hazel gaze as he snarled, one that brought her animal from lustful awareness to deadly predator in seconds. She scented again and couldn’t make him out, but that didn’t disguise the danger pouring off him in undeniable waves.

The air shifted and blew to her from him. More information came this way and only with experience was she able to maintain her expression. This was the same man that she’d attacked in the manor house early this morning. The one who’d shifted into a tiger and came after her.

“You think by distracting me, will save your lover? You are wrong. Death is death, it matters not when it will happen.”

She canted her head, forcing her attention to leave the sex appeal and hone in on the danger.

“What makes you think one, you’ll kill either of us and two that I had sex with a boy?”

He flashed fang in her direction, and she knew he teetered on the edge. She had to get him out of here or he would do as he’d claimed, kill her and go after Pol to exact more revenge.

Time for a different tactic. She was good but something told her she wasn’t going to be a match for this tiger in his prime, who had an edge and wasn’t like any other shifter she’d met in her life. Aside from rogues, most she met had a good lock on their control.

Not this one. The line he teetered on was severely frayed.