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Sunday, February 14th, 2021

First Meet – This Ain’t No Love Story

Sunday, February 14th, 2021

His reputation precedes him. Will she allow them a shot?

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As he left the shopping market, he opened the back door of his cab and put the bags on the seat. He’d just shut the door when he heard a very distinctive feminine voice release a string of curses that had him smiling even as he turned to find out what the issue was.

Nothing. He couldn’t see anyone. But he trusted his ears and turned a full circle twice more before he saw her push up from beside her vehicle. Cute figure, hair shoved into a ball cap and that was about all he could tell from there. Another stream of curses exploded from her. Aside from the knowledge that she swore like a sailor, he had no clue who it was.

Locking his truck, he cleared his throat as he neared her and the blue Malibu. “Can I help, ma’am?”

She turned and he no longer had any air in his lungs—she’d sucked it all from him. Holy fucking shit.

She ran her brown eyes over him in an assessing manner, one, to be frank, he believed to be full of doubt. “Only if you are capable of changing a tire.”

The sun glinted off her brown-sugar skin. He’d had friends tell him that it wasn’t right to refer to a woman’s skin color as food, but damn it, he loved brown sugar and right now, he wanted more than anything to taste her. Large eyes framed by thick curved lashes gave her an erotic look.

“I am.” He stepped forward and offered his hand. “Josh Jones.”

She accepted and he realized her problem. The cast on her arm. “Neyda Hughes.” She gave a slight smile and he would have tripped if he’d been walking. As it was, his heart did it for him. “Figures this happens on the last day of my cast wearing. I would have been fine had this happened an hour from now. Of course, then I wouldn’t be driving this piece of shit but riding my… I’m sorry. I would love some assistance if you don’t mind.”

Hell no, he didn’t mind. “Happy to help any beautiful lady in distress.”

Suspicion filled her gaze. He held still, doing his damnedest to appear innocent.

“Josh Jones,” she said, flicking her tongue over her lips, teasing him with a flash of her rainbow tongue piercing.

“Have we met?”