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First Meet – Osborne’s Shelter

Saturday, February 6th, 2021

“Yes ma’am. Thanks for asking. I’ll send him in.” Natalie vanished without another word.

Nina leaned back against the smooth leather. I don’t believe you, Natalie. Still, a small smile crossed her features even as she shook her head. It didn’t matter how many times she asked, Natalie continued to call her “ma’am.” And Nat was damn near her best worker at the café. There were times Nina wondered if she even needed to come into work. She had no doubt that Natalie would run it just the same if she were there or not…damn efficiently.

“Ms. Osborne.” A deep voice filled the room and sent tiny shivers of electricity up and down Nina’s spine.

Glancing up, she felt her breath catch in her throat. Damn. The man standing in her office wasn’t Ryker Chadwick. The second their eyes met, she promptly forgot about her coffee. A pulse of desire rocketed through her. Oh my…hell. Her gaze traveled over his physique, from the floor up.

He wore construction work boots, and tight jeans hugged well-muscled legs. Her mouth only grew drier as she stared at the tautly stretched navy blue tee-shirt and corded arms which barely seemed contained by the cuffs of the sleeves. His face was ruggedly handsome. He had tanned skin, and staring at her from behind thick lashes were deep, cobalt blue eyes. Dark hair sat in an unruly mess on his head. Held before him in strong hands was a well worn baseball cap.

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Saturday, February 6th, 2021