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First Meet – Driven By Night

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2021

White Shirt—his new name since she wasn’t positive he was any better than those who’d chased her—moved with predatory grace as he fought. At times she swore he blended in with the background only to reappear and launch another attack.

His blade slashed through the air, finding its mark, drawing blood and screams each time. The whip tore flesh from bodies. But even so, he didn’t remain unscathed. Calida watched the men cut into him with swords and there was the thing from above. In all her years she’d never seen anything like it.

It looked like a winged demon from some B-movie. Leathery wings with holes in them didn’t deter it from flying wicked fast. Fire flew from its mouth in balls that exploded upon contact.

White Shirt turned his back on the two left on the ground and sent his whip sailing up—it wrapped around the neck of the flying creature. With a powerful jerk, it plummeted toward him where he pierced it on his sword. The dying screech rattled the buildings around them.

Lightning sparked around the four as White Shirt turned back to the ones remaining. They redoubled their efforts, working together and hitting him in vulnerable places. One more fell so it was only Gravett left. He peered around White Shirt and focused on her.

“I’ll be seeing you again.”

Then he was gone. Just like that. No walking, no nothing. Just…gone.

White Shirt pivoted to face her and she swallowed hard. Blood stained his body, turning the shirt more red than anything. Sweat plastered his hair to his head and he took a few steps toward her.

Calida curved her hand around the mace and slowly pushed to her feet. Surely she could make it past him. He wasn’t doing so hot. Ever so slowly, she made her way to him.

“Let’s go,” he said.

Obviously his injuries haven’t affected his misguided sense of humor. “I’m not going anywhere with you.”

She glanced to the left where she’d seen the winged thing fall only to find nothing was there. Great, now she had truly lost it. Couldn’t even trust her own eyes. Then again, having seen what I think I did, do I want to trust them?

“They will be back.”

Shouldering her pack, she kept the canister of mace hidden. “I won’t be here when they do. You might not want to be either.” She tried to edge her way around him but he continually blocked her.

“We need to go.”

“So get out of my way and I’ll do just that.” Her heart pounded hard as she stared at him. His angular face would never be called pretty. His was too harsh for that. More of that insane behavior hit her. She wanted to touch his face and offer comfort.

“I can’t let you go.” He stumbled and wove.

“I wasn’t going with them and I’m not going with you.” With no warning she lifted her can of mace and sprayed. He yowled in pain and she hit him in the head with the can when the spray ended. Then she bolted.


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