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First Meet – His Purrfect Mate

Sunday, February 28th, 2021

Although she heard Christopher’s words, Aida never took her gaze from the mesmerizing one that held her prisoner. The spell between them broke when Lesedi tugged on his sleeve. A smile—a private one it seemed only she was privy to—curved up his lips as he returned his attention to the child before him. Aida shuddered.

Damn! Man’s hot anyway, and then he goes and smiles. Her body thrummed with desire and she swallowed hard. Not what I’m here for. Forcing her attention back to Christopher she nodded. “I’ll take your word for it.”

“Find out for yourself,” Christopher said. “Here he comes.”

With a deep breath, Aida looked up only to be, again, blown away by the man who strode through the room toward them. He moved with such effortlessness. Fighting the urge to lick her lips when he stopped before them, she smiled instead.

“Dane, I’d like you to meet Aida Roberts. Aida this is Dane Sidorov.” Christopher made the introduction.

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Sidorov,” she said holding out her hand.

Her heart skipped a few beats when his large hand covered hers. His skin was callused and warm. Tremors ricocheted through her at the simple touch.

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Can he accept the fact she is nothing less than…

His Purrfect Mate







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Sunday, February 28th, 2021

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Sunday, February 28th, 2021

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First Meet – Emerald Myst

Saturday, February 27th, 2021

“McSweeny why for all the green in Ireland, are you dragging a wet bedraggled woman into my bar and with a wee bit of luggage? I figured you’d forgotten about this country and were staying over there in America.”

Emmie’s knees buckled at that thick, deep Irish brogue that skirted along her skin akin to heated velvet dipped in a side of sexual promise.

“Now, now, Brannon. Is that anyway to greet your grandfather? I don’t believe so. Your father may have been an ass and a drunkard but we both know your ma would put a switch to you for acting like that. Plus, I wasn’t about to allow this lovely young lass to remain out there. It’s raining in case you didn’t notice. Bring her a towel.”

Her mind whirled with everything she’d just heard, trying to ingest and make sense of it all. A man strode into view. Nope, that wasn’t quite right. He wasn’t striding. He swaggered.

Oh my God.

Her reaction had to be given her exhaustion. Right? Because no way she was looking and drooling over a man she’d just seen move into her line of sight.

Short dark hair cut around his face and settled against his neck, reminded her of razor sharp points. Lining his squared jaw sat about two days’ worth of growth and holy hell it gave him a look that tempted her to just hand over her panties. I mean really, why make him ask for them when I’m perfectly happy to hand them to him.

He wasn’t even close enough for her to smell and yet she had already created this wild, outdoorsy scent for him. His gaze was a clear bright blue that sliced over her skin as he took in her appearance.

Raggedy for sure. An over the ocean flight and standing outside in the rain, she knew she wasn’t the most well put together. Even now, her ponytail dripped down her back, adding to her increasing chill.

Without a word to her, he tossed the large towel in her direction then focused on the old man beside her, drawing him into a big hug and pounding him on the back. He didn’t seem to mind the man was wet as well. Their speech flowed so quickly she didn’t have any way of following it, the brogue between them was far too thick.

Closing her eyes, she put the towel over her face to wipe off the rain. At least it was a thick towel and clean. Soft too, if she wanted to think about it. Allowing herself a moment to regain her composure, she was almost ready when a strong hand gripped her wrist and lowered the hand and towel from her face.

Almost was a word she hated, because she hadn’t been ready, not for this man.

Those amazing eyes watched her from behind lowered thick, curved lashes. He was every sexual fantasy she had come to life, even ones she’d not experienced yet.

“And who might you be, lass? And why are you in my pub with your wee luggage?” His blue gaze raked over her and it may have been her lightheadedness or exhaustion, but she thought she spied some heat in there for what he was looking at.

I shouldn’t be proud of that but at least someone may find me passably attractive.

She didn’t like confrontations and she desperately wanted to hide until her backbone would come out from wherever it had gone on vacation to. She didn’t have that choice.

Emmie lifted her chin, dug deep for all those courses she’d done in the privacy of her own place and replied, “This is my pub. I’m the owner.”


So much can happen on the Emerald Isle…

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Saturday, February 27th, 2021

First Meet – Landing in Love

Friday, February 26th, 2021

Can an Air Force pilot and a dancer make it work as they move to the music of love in the wild beauty of Spain?





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Major Erich Stark swore under his breath as a woman shot out from the back of Atlantis and damn near ran over him. As it was, she hit him dead on and he grabbed her arm to not only steady her but also keep her from falling to the ground.

“Easy there,” he drawled.

Her head jerked up and he found himself gazing into a pair of dark brown eyes framed by thick black lashes. Smooth mocha skin covered her lithe body. A heart shaped face with a flatter, cute button nose. Full, tempting lips were parted in shock and surprise.

Con permiso,” she mumbled in a raspy alto voice and stepped out of his hold.

Erich’s gaze skimmed her and he couldn’t stop the flare of desire. She wore a pair of white cotton pants, which sat low on her hips and a gold cutoff shirt that exposed flat, defined abdominals and the shapely tuck of her waist. Damn! She’s in awesome shape. Still, none of it took away from her femininity. “No problem,” he said, not minding at all how she felt in his arms. “You new here? I don’t ever remember seeing you dance here before.”

Her arched brows snapped together and her chin lifted in haughty arrogance. “Excuse me?” she barked in English.

He pointed to the building she’d just vacated. “The Atlantis. You just came from the back, like employees do. So I’ll ask again, are you new here?”

Erich fought the urge to shuffle his feet as her gaze seared him. No woman since his mother had ever wielded the power to make him squirm. Until now. She raked her gaze from the top of his head down to his boots and back up again.

“And I suppose you know all of the ladies that work there, don’t you?” she asked in a sharp tone.

Her condescension raised his hackles. “You have a problem with men going to these places and yet you’re coming out of one? How else do you earn money if you don’t have patrons?”

“I’m surprised you would recognize my face at all. I’m sure that’s not what you’re used to paying attention to.”

She’s mighty snippy. Not that it mattered to Erich. He liked his women with fire. The desire to needle her a bit more roared over him with the force of a gale . Dropping his gaze he stared at her open toed sandals and smiled at the metallic green polish on her toes. A gold chain with small bells circled her left ankle. And around her right one was a tattoo he longed to get a closer look at.

“Tonight your first night?” he queried. I’m coming back to see you dance, whoever you are.

“You know, not everyone who leaves an establishment like this…a gentleman’s club…works in one. Some women are capable of and actually enjoy making a living without gyrating around a pole, and having men leer at them.”

She pushed by him and Erich turned and watched her walk to a waiting convertible and jump in over the door. A low growl left him when he saw the handsome younger man at the wheel kiss her cheek then drive them both away.

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Friday, February 26th, 2021

First Meet – You Don’t Know Jack

Thursday, February 25th, 2021

Covering her mouth to hold in her laugh, she hurried out the back and leaned against the nearest fence. She wasn’t hungry and had no need to be in there eating something. Out here was preferable.

“Hiding from Caligula?”

She jumped and turned to see a man striding into view. Tall and lean he moved with grace. With a shrug, she said, “I try to stay away from sexual depravity and cruelty that he’s known for. Thought I’d give it a shot this year of being good. What about you, Phantom?”

He touched his mask that announced he was the Phantom of the Opera. “I try to stay away from that with him as well. But even if he wasn’t depraved, I’d still avoid him since he’s not really my type.”

She smiled, wishing she could see him without the mask. Even so, it wasn’t hard to tell he was a rider. All the ones she’d met moved with this inherent sinewy grace.

He paused next to her, resting his arms along the top rail, without any apparent concern for his tuxedo. “Who are you supposed to be?”

Christ, that voice was temptation itself wrapped up in a blanket of invitation to sin. The deep drawl, Texas, if she was correct flowed over her and heated her in ways the muggy night never could. It also reawakened parts of her untouched since her daughter was born. “No one of importance,” she said, wishing her voice didn’t sound so thready.



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Thursday, February 25th, 2021

First Meet – Tryst With The CEO

Wednesday, February 24th, 2021

A tryst together on the forty-fourth floor leaves him waking alone and craving more.

#CottonwoodFalls9 #Billionaire #onenightstand



“Can I help you, sir?”

He turned to see a curvaceous beauty step from the elevator, she kept one hand on the door to keep it from closing behind her.

Smart. She didn’t know who he was.

“Just admiring the view.”

And man, was he.

Her one shouldered body-hugging dress sent his blood streaming south. The hue blended from blue to green and back again. Holy shit, he would love to explore all of her, his fingertips burned, and he wanted to touch that smooth creamy skin. The slit on the left side, allowed him tantalizing glimpses of her upper thigh. Normally elevator light wasn’t among anything he’d call flattering, but this worked. It did far more than simply work.

“The party is two floors down.”

He moved toward her wanting to peel up that tight skirt to see if that intricate vine tattoo continued on up her leg and if so, how high it went. Clenching his hand into a fist in his pocket he took several deep breaths.

“Why are you up here?”

“I was leaving and saw it come down from here. Last time I found a few people engaged in—shall we say—extracurricular activities.”

“Interesting. Hoping to find it again?” He’d be more than happy to oblige her.

Her lips twitched. “While I’ve never had sex on the forty-fourth floor, no, that’s not what I came for.”

He flicked his tongue over his lips, noting the pupil dilation as well as the jump in the pulse at her neck. More’s the pity, perhaps I can change her mind.

“Are you sure?” He made sure his tone lingered on the edge of teasing.

“Is that a proposition?” Her lips twitched.

“Would you accept it if it was?”