Saffron – First Kiss

Instinctively, she braced herself, only to find her entrapped in Kenric’s strong embrace as he used his large body to shelter her from the falling debris.

“You okay?” he asked, as all that was left floated down in the form of dust.

“Yes. Thank you.”

His gaze lingered upon her lips and then drifted with infinite slowness back up to her eyes. “A distraction is not something we need around here,” he muttered. He wiped his thumb along her cheekbone, presumably removing dirt. “And you are one hell of a distraction.”

“For your men—or you?” She was proud that the words didn’t betray her nervousness.

He found her lips and kissed her. Her world tilted on its axis and she was lost. Saffron gripped his waist, digging her fingers into the material of his shirt as she opened under his assault. The kiss wasn’t soft or gentle. Kenric took what he wanted from her. And she gave.



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