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Advanced look? Here you go…

Wednesday, April 17th, 2019

Here is a short snippet from my upcoming contribution to the #Crossroads boxset, Restricted Maneuvers.

Chapter 1

Restricted Maneuvers: a “vessel” unable to keep out of the way because of the “nature of her work.”

“Contact rear! Contact rear!” Macen “Mac” Williams whirled at Tyson “Cade” Kincade’s cry, finger releasing bullets in short controlled bursts. The tangoes fell and they eventually rotated back to continue forward. Submerged deep in the Peruvian jungle they were five klicks from their destination. Unfortunately, someone had alerted the General they were coming and the land teamed with his men. “This shit’s tighter than a nun’s habit,” Grey Sorenson said. “What, you been out violating nuns?” He tossed as they moved on. “If I had, it wouldn’t be tight.” Gunfire split the thick air off to the left. Mac checked his magazine before slamming it home in the MP5. “Bug know about that?” The man grinned at him, his camouflage bandana not stopping the sweat moving down his face. “Hell no, I’m fearless, not stupid. I was Navy not a Marine. And don’t tell her I said that, or I’ll deny it.” Mac chuckled. Bug—better known as Sarah Sorenson—was Grey’s wife. He loved the woman, personally. She never failed to make him smile with her sense of humor. Of course her steadfast dedication to her career as a Marine and being Grey’s wife, didn’t hurt. They fell silent as they progressed closer to the destination. More tangoes appeared and seconds later, more fell. Sweaty, they pulled up before breeching the compound. “One on each direction.” “Roger that.” Mac took the south approach. “Sure are a lot of cars here,” he commented moving in closer. “Fight night.” Cade’s words were succinct. Underground fight clubs were extremely common. A bit rarer for them to be held at a person’s property, but not unheard of. He neutralized the men he came across with accurate shots from his silenced 9mm. “I’m not seeing many.” Covering their escape route was Grey so Mac met with Cade and the other two who were inside the building with them, Mason “Lefty” Lawsen and Silas “Metro Man’ Cifeman. The four of them halted in the foyer. Cade sent Lefty and Metro Man up and gestured for Mac to follow. They were heading down. Clearing each room with methodical precision, the due halted outside a heavy door. “SitRep?” “All quiet on the western front, Cade. Not even the hired help is hanging here today.” Metro Man’s comment had Cade sharing a look with Mac. “We’re going down, follow.” Cade checked the door and found the switch. A finger countdown and he swept in, going low while Cade went high. No one in sight but muffled chanting was easy to decipher. “Looks like we’re going to a fight.” He batted his eyes. “Can I be your date?” Cade gave a wry grin. “Sure, but I don’t put out on the first date.” “I’ll try to keep that in mind, but I do in case you wanted to know.” Cade shook his head and didn’t respond. Their speed moderate, they made good time to the end where two men in tuxes stood.