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Teaser Tuesday ~ What the Earl Desires

Tuesday, October 9th, 2018

Her hair sat gathered in a loose twist down her back. He longed to free it, feel it tumble about his skin, wrap his hands in it while he plundered her mouth, feel it trail over his thighs as he… With difficulty he focused on her face. He longed to explore her body.

“Colin,” he said, voice silvered with want as he approached her.

“Very well. What are you doing here, Colin?”

He gripped her arms and backed her against the door. Lowering his head by hers so their lips were barely separated he allowed himself one more moment of bliss. Her satin-like skin rested beneath his fingers, her alluring scent poured around him. He hovered on the brink between heaven and hell.

In a guttural voice, he said, “I have come for my kiss, luv.”